Texting in Today’s Real Estate Market

By Darin Windham, Realtor
Keyfinders Group RE/Max Alliance

Many people today, especially the younger generation, prefer communicating by texting or messaging. They don’t want to take the time to talk on the phone. Just communicate with them by text, as short and concise as possible, and there is a very good chance they will respond!

If you’re a real estate agent who finds that you spend too much time talking on the phone or traveling around for different meetings, you might want to consider using text messaging and there are some great texting scripts out there for real estate. Text messaging is an easy, quick and personal way for real estate agents to connect with leads. Using preset texting scripts for real estate agents can help you find and keep clients.  Real estate agents are texting their clients these days and you can do it professionally.

Here are three reasons why texting can work wonders with your real estate business:

Texting is personal

Texting has the capacity to be both personal and prolific – it’s direct and brief, and it doesn’t add any undue pressure to either party to answer in an immediate form. Allowing clients to communicate with their real estate agent adds a whole new personal dimension to the business relationship which can save you time and money.

Texting is Quick

Texting is so simple and fast. Whether you send a mass text to 5,000 people, or even one-on-one texting communication with a client, texting is quick and efficient which is good for business, especially real estate. So, when you use texting scripts for real estate, you can replicate responses to common questions or recycle language for previous events easily and text it to the right contacts without sweating. Furthermore, you can easily use these scripts to answer people in a clear, polite way that encourages them to keep in touch.

You can text message from anywhere

Besides being quick, you can also text message from anywhere. Most real estate professionals spend a lot of time in their cars and being able to access various clients from different locations (without fumbling around with your tablet or laptop) is important. Agents can easily manage all their client communication from anywhere they can find wi-fi.

We now live in a time where people want their information instantaneously and at the touch of a button. And the truth is that people are more likely to respond to texts than emails. This is especially the case if you give them a reason to respond. To this end, you can easily use text messages not only to inform your customers but also to ask them questions about what they need!

Darin can be contacted at 256-652-9032 or darin@keyfindersgroup.com
“Happy Clients Are The Key To Our Success”

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