How Can We Say “Thank You” To Our Veterans

By Jennie Robinson
City Council District 3
President ProTem

Years ago, I took my grandson Alex to visit the Veteran’s Memorial in downtown Huntsville after the Veteran’s Day Parade. He was in second grade at Chafee Elementary School at the time and, as we walked around the memorial, he noticed an elderly man dressed in his Army uniform attended by his caretaker.

Jennie Robinson, Huntsville City Council Representative District 3

He walked up to the old soldier, looked him in the eye, and said “Thank you for your service, sir!” The vet gave him a huge smile and a quick salute in response. When I told Alex how much his small gesture probably meant to this man, he replied that his teacher had told the class that thanking a veteran was the best way to celebrate Veteran’s Day. I couldn’t agree more!

Every November gives us all an annual opportunity to thank those who have served in our military and to think of those who are still serving. Here are some ideas on how you can say “Thank you for your service” on Veteran’s Day.

• Send a Care Package to an active-duty service member. One website suggests that while technically a veteran is one who has served, active-duty military deserve our thanks as well. If you know someone serving far away from home, you can personalize the package just for them. Hero Care Packages makes it easy to send a special thank you.

• Help a homeless vet. Unfortunately, a significant portion of our homeless population has served in the military. The VA and organizations like Still Serving Veterans can share information on how you can help. Homeless shelters may know if any of their clients are vet and can arrange for you to visit with them. Give the gift of time to those who gave the gift of service.

• Volunteer at a Veteran’s Home. If you have a special talent, share it with veterans. Floyd E. “Tut” Fann Veterans Nursing Home in Huntsville welcomes volunteers to play instruments, sing songs, and read with residents.

• Write to a veteran. Send a note or an email to a veteran you know. Tell them what their service, bravery, and dedication to our country means to you. Your note will be a keeper!

• Attend the Veteran’s Day Parade. Huntsville is home to one of the biggest Veteran’s Day Parades in the country! There will be veterans representing those who have served in many different combat areas. Showing up to cheer for them is a great way to recognize their service.

These simple acts of service put action behind the words “thank you for your service.” To learn more about how you can thank a vet on Veteran’s Day, visit

My father served in World War II, the Korean War, and in Vietnam.

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