Salute to Service, Salute to Love!

By Nastasha V. Verkest, Owner
Tave Weddings and Events

My husband Adam and I are both US Army Veterans. Adam served on active duty for 20 years as a Unit Supply Specialist (92Y) and US Army Recruiter (79R) before retiring in 2017. I served a total of 11 years as an Airborne, Food Service Specialist (92G) and Unit Supply Specialist (92Y) before making the difficult decision to hang up my boots to be more present in raising our 2 beautiful children in 2006. Our military service afforded us many opportunities to travel and learn about the diverse cultures outside of the United States, learn invaluable and marketable skills, pay for higher education along with a multitude of lifelong benefits that would likely have not been possible without the Military.

Adam and I met in Schweinfurt, Germany while stationed at Ledward Barracks with the 9th Engineer Battalion Combat in 1999. While in Germany, we were deployed to Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo for NATO’s Peacekeeping Mission, Operation Joint Guardian. Adam provided logistical and weapon support and I provided food service and military security for Albanians in the local community of Gjilan. Despite the challenging and gritty environment we endured, we managed to find an unwavering friendship and love in one another. You know you’ve found your soulmate when he picks weeds from the side of a dirt road because there are no flowers to present to you and saves up all his desserts for months from his Meals Ready to Eat (MREs), because he knows you have a sweet tooth!

The Military most definitely creates unique love stories. You need to have lots of resilience, respect for one another even when it feels difficult and put in an immense amount of work to have a successful military marriage. It doesn’t require two strong people being the stronger person at the same time; it requires two simple people taking turns being strong for one another. After the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on our nation; the constant deployments to Kuwait and Iraq had a profound effect on our family. Our perseverance during the displacement of our family was a testament to what “Army Strong” meant to us. We decided that we needed a change to continue our dedication to the US Army and still be there for our children. So, Adam volunteered to be an Army Recruiter while I fulfilled my military obligation and was honorably discharged from the US Army.

At the conclusion of my active military service, I continued to serve as a supportive military spouse while Adam continued his active military service. It was difficult finding work as a civilian when having to move to an unfamiliar country or city on short notice. That’s when Adam and I brainstormed a way to start a mobile business that can move when receiving military relocation orders. At last, TAVÈ Weddings & Events was born! Being an entrepreneur allowed me to work around my children’s active schedules and most importantly, support Adam’s military career from wherever the US Army took us. Having a certification in military customs and courtesies brought me immediate business for coordinating retirement ceremonies, formal military dinners, balls and of course military weddings. We are thankful and proud to have honorably served our country. Thank you for your service to our amazing veterans!

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