Claims to Avoid in Real Estate Marketing

By Darin Windham, Realtor
Keyfinders Group RE/Max Alliance

A few real estate agents make unproven claims in marketing. But instead of attracting new clients, these statements can put reputations at risk. Here are the top claims that real estate pros should never make without proof.

Claim #1 – The best.
What does this claim really mean? When an agent says they’re the “Top REALTOR®” in any given city, there are usually hundreds of others making the same subjective claim. That’s why it always falls on stony ground unless you include proof.

Claim #2 – The specialist.
If you describe yourself as a neighborhood specialist, be sure you know what buyers will want to know. Potential clients can research and dispel any inaccurate statements easily. For example, if the neighborhood is approximately 5 years old, and you haven’t sold or listed a single home in the area, the “specialist” claim won’t go very far.

Claim #3 – The fastest growing.
This is one of the most abused claims in any industry. Agents should be specific and provide the background to show it’s legitimate, such as a graph that displays their sales figures for the past three to five years. Be careful of how you approach marketing your growth, don’t just make blanket statements.

Claim #4 – The highest customer satisfaction.
Did you call and ask previous clients if they were satisfied? Or is this statement based on online reviews? If you make this claim, provide the background, such as a link to your reviews.

The takeaway.
The words “top,” “best,” and “specialist” are frequently abused in real estate marketing. Many Realtors have beaten these dramatic claims to death. Consumers do like flowery speech and if I were buying/selling, I would love to know that my Realtor is the best. But as a consumer, I can tell you – give me what I want – tell me what you are the best at!
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