Closing My Pool

By Ron Hicks, General Manager
Pool Scouts Of Huntsville

As you feel the crispness in the air, you know winter is near. You enjoy children racing in from school to nestle in for family fun. You are reminiscing about all the family memories made with the dipping of toes in your sparkling clean pool. You remembered the belly flops and cannonball contest you went to for the gold. As you prepare for a seasonal swimming pool hibernation, you begin to take your seasonal victory lab.

The beauty of living in the Tennessee Valley area is our pool-friendly weather for over 70% of the year. Having more beautiful warm days gives you options to continue enjoying your family fun in the pool much longer than average homeowners. With these options, you might have an important question:

“When should you close your pool?”

Most Tennessee Valley homeowners close their pools in late September and early October due to our 60-degree weather. Preparing your pool for closure is an individual decision. Closing your pool depends on your preferences and comfort level. Here are a few benefits to closing your pool to prepare for the winter season:

Reduce the chances of corrosion or scale build-up – Corrosion and rust are common problems with pool equipment. There are simple steps to slowing down this process. With routine maintenance and balanced water chemistry, you can significantly reduce the effect of corrosion or scale build-up.

Prevent pipes and equipment from freezing damage – Protecting the lifespan of your pool is vital, and winterizing your swimming pool protects the homeowner from unnecessary damage due to cold or freezing conditions. Winterizing your pool eliminates the risk of plumbing lines freezing and bursting when the pool is closed. Adding a safety cover is the first step of the process.

Eliminating or decreasing algae and other harmful bacteria from breeding in your pool – Algae grows reasonably quickly; it takes approximately 24 hours to move from the pool’s steps to the outer rim. Algae grow when there is poor filtration, out-of-balance water, low or inconsistent chlorine levels, or poor water circulation.

The potential to save money by reducing the electricity cost during the off-season – A professional pool company can revitalize your pool faster and with accuracy and state-of-the-art chemical testing. You can save hundreds of dollars by winterizing your pool professionally and letting your pool company perform monthly chemical checks, eliminating the need to run your filters and other equipment during the off-season. This simple pool maintenance routine will reduce your electric bill drastically.

Eliminating the increase in costly pool repairs and saving time during the reopening seasons – With a few proactive steps, you can eliminate unnecessary maintenance, the cost of replacing equipment, the risk of health concerns, and time away from family.

Suppose the weather is unbearably cold for some time during the year; it is common to assume there is no option but to close your pool during the off-season. This preventive measure is especially imperative for those without an automatic freeze protection system. However, even if you don’t, you can keep your pipes from freezing by running your pump during freezing temperatures. There are multiple benefits of having your pool opened all year regardless, some of which include the following:

Your Landscape Aesthetic – As a pool owner, you know how attractive your yard looks during the summer. Looking out the window and seeing a gray sky and a large pool cover is a dreary reminder that summertime fun is over. Imagine looking outside to see your beautiful, crystal-clear pool surrounded by snow—an undeniably more pleasant view.

• Swim All Year – An even better reason to keep your pool open all year. If you already have a pool heater or plan to purchase one, you’ll have a much more enjoyable winter. Who says swimming is only allowed during the summer? News flash: Swimming is fun regardless of the season, and it’s an excellent way to make sure your family stays active while having fun.

Save Money – If you keep your pool open all year, you’ll avoid the hefty pool-winterization bill and the just-as-hefty pool-opening bill a few months later.

• Avoid Possible Complications – If you’re a pool owner, you’re probably used to dealing with at least one obstacle or setback during the opening and closing seasons. Unfortunately, problems arise and pile on when you don’t lay eyes on your pool for months at a time. With our recurring services, nothing can stand in the way of your next cannonball contest! Continued maintenance ensures smooth sailing when it’s time to jump back in.

• Stay Ready for Swim Season – If you’re not swimming all year, you’ll be able to jump in as soon as the sun comes out. If you are, the pool party never has to end!

Cleanliness – Pools are easier to keep clean during the cooler months because cold temperatures make it harder for algae to grow. Ongoing light maintenance of your uncovered pool will prevent you from having to clean a green, full-of-debris pool.

Pool Scouts Specialty – Believe it or not, Pool Scouts specializes in year-round pool maintenance. Like always, your satisfaction guarantee is our priority.

Having your swimming pool available will allow you to save on pool maintenance, but you will not save money on chemicals as you will have to use them year-round. Your water and electricity expenses will not decrease as you use both commodities year-round.

As a pool owner, you must consider your needs to choose the best approach. Both methods boast advantages and disadvantages. Regardless of your choice, you are now equipped with the knowledge to maintain your pool’s lifespan and continue making memories. This information will help you decide what’s best for you and your family.

Remember, with either choice, your friends at Pool Scouts of Huntsville can help you winterize your pool or ensure it’s ready for the yearly plunge. When you are ready to tuck your swimming pool in for a long winter’s nap, here are a few services Pool Scouts of Huntsville can offer:

• Ensuring your swimming pool has the optimal water levels to prepare for the off-season.
• Performing periodic water chemistry checks to maintain maximum results.
• Provide equipment maintenance and repair.
• Prepare your pool for upcoming weather conditions.
• No contracts are required.
• Satisfaction Guaranteed is our priority.

A dedicated Pool Scout Technician can provide prompt service(s) that will help you maintain the family’s pride and joy, a beautiful sparkling clean pool. Pool Scout of Huntsville is committed to providing our community with excellent services with a smile, Scout’s honor.

For More Information Contact Ron Hicks at 256-863-3718 or

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