Make Your Kitchen Work For You

By Carolyn Kimbro
Peachtree Interior Design

The number one room of the house that our firm is contacted about renovating is the kitchen. In recent years kitchens have trended towards becoming the center of the home. How many times have you had people over and everyone ended up standing around in the kitchen, despite you having a living room set up for guests? If your home is anything like mine, then the answer is every time.

As homes are being renovated many people are looking to make changes in their kitchens to make them function better for their families and lifestyle. When you begin your kitchen remodel, consider these storage tips to add function without compromising the overall look.

First, add an island or peninsula to maximize storage and seating options without taking away from the overall aesthetic of a kitchen. An island is a great option for a home with an open floor plan. They give the opportunity to have a child, spouse or friends sit to chat while you cook. An island also has the bonus feature of being easy to move around, making this a great option for a family that enjoys to host. Don’t
have the kitchen space? A peninsula has many of the same features without the need for the extra square footage in your kitchen.

Next, let’s turn our attention to the upper cabinets in your home. These can often feel heavy or closed in, especially in a smaller kitchen. Floating shelves or cabinets with glass doors are both visually pleasing options that won’t limit the much-needed storage. You will have the perfect location to display your dishes and cookbooks, instead of tucking them away behind closed doors of traditional upper cabinets. Both floating shelves and glass doors provide an effortless decorative element to your kitchen.

Finally, consider adding deep drawers to your cabinets for additional storage. While having open or glass door upper cabinets are aesthetically pleasing, sometimes there are items you may not want on display. Adding drawers instead of cabinets provides more useable space for the everyday items, such as pots and pans or Tupperware.

Drawers allow for an organized approach to storage, and you can see everything without having to blindly reach into the back of a cabinet.

If you are looking to renovate your home, follow my three tips to maximize the function of your kitchen for your family or give our design team a call to create a kitchen specific for your individual needs.

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