Get to Know the Dryer Vent Squad of Huntsville

By Trent Iley, Owner
Dryer Vent Squad of Huntsville

What got you into the business?
Well I saw a need and I wanted to fill it.  I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit but couldn’t find that one thing that was me.  I used to be in the cyber security world working from home.  I needed this service done and there really wasn’t a company that specialized in it. 

I felt like I was overcharged and underserviced so I thought “there has to be a better way” and I found it with the Dryer Vent Squad

What makes you different from the others?
Dryer vent cleaning and repair is all we do.  Our certification is not an HVAC certification which really sets us apart.  We aren’t an HVAC company and don’t want to be an HVAC company.  HVAC ducts don’t accumulate lint build up.  They get dust, dander, mold, etc.  Dryer vents get that plus lint build up.  Lint is flammable and can catch fire quick and easily.  You don’t have to worry so much with that on HVAC systems.

What is your certification?
Our certification comes from the Chimney Safety Institute of America.  Immediately, that makes you think of fire safety.  We are certified Dryer Exhaust technicians.  We make sure old and new construction meets code and make the necessary changes to the vent system to keep the family safe.

What is included in your cleaning process?
We use the latest in dryer cleaning technology and tools to get the job done right the first time.  When we arrive at the house, we start with a visual inspection of the duct and external exhaust cap, as well as the washer hoses for damage.  We then proceed with a camera to get some before pictures and an inspection of the interior of the pipe for rust or damage, etc.  We then will use the best brushes and hoses to get the pipes like brand new.  We don’t leave the job until it is how we would want our vent to look like.  We also clean inside the dryer and behind the washer and dryer.

Why Dryer Vent Squad?
Dryer vent cleaning isn’t something “else” we do.  IT IS ALL WE DO, AND WE DO IT RIGHT.  You don’t call your general physician to pull a tooth do you?  The physician could probably do it but don’t you want to expert to do it?  You call the expert in the business to save money and have it done right.

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