It’s Wedding Engagement Season! Are You Ready?

By Nastasha V. Verkest, Owner
Tavè Weddings and Events

Wedding engagements season typically happen between the months of November through February. It’s no coincidence that it’s also the start of the holiday season. This is because it gives the newly engaged couple an opportunity to share the experience with family and friends as they gather for the holidays. There’s nothing more nostalgic than a proposal happening at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s or a romantic evening out on Valentine’s Day ending the night with popping the champagne and “The Question”.

However you choose to ask the love of your life to marry you, there are some essential elements to creating a memorable flawless proposal.

The Ring

The ring is one of the most essential elements of an engagement. From the moment it’s slid on that ring finger, it will be admired endlessly by all that catches a glimpse of it’s sparkle where that finger once sat bare. With infinite choices of ring styles, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming or so expensive, that you may consider selling off your beloved Star Wars collectables to pay for it. There are many options that are unique, timeless, and budget friendly. There are also many alternatives to diamonds such as natural gemstones that have all of the glitz and sparkle of a diamond, but without the heavily commercialized price tag. There are no rules you must adhere to when selecting the ring. In fact, many modern couples are opting to shop for the ring together, so they are on the same page with style and cost. If you’re more of a traditionalist, then perhaps you will use a family heirloom or shop for a ring based on your soon-to-be fiancé’s style. No matter the route you go to select the ring, keep in mind that it will be a permanent symbol and have special meaning between the two of you.

Down On Bended Knee or Plastered on a Jumbotron at The Game? So Many Options!

Perhaps you envisioned getting down on one knee. Looking up at your surprised fiancé’s face; as her eyes begin filling with joyful tears and you holding a tiny box with a carefully selected ring inside awaiting that, “Yes! I will Marry You!”. Or maybe you picture this grand production that includes a flash mob dancing and singing the lyrics to Bruno Mars, “Marry You” in the middle of a Times Square in New York City. Your proposal will be a moment that not only changes your lives, but it will be a moment that will be replayed all over each time someone asks how he/she “popped the question”. If it’s going to be a surprise proposal, ensure your fiancé is looking their best especially if photography or video is involved. Ensure they have on an outfit they feel confident and beautiful in, their hair is styled, and nails are well manicured (because everyone will be looking at that ring finger!).

Hire A Professional? Yay or Nay?

Hiring a professional to assist in creating that special moment, can save you cost, time, and alleviate unnecessary stress so you can focus on creating your forever moment. Many wedding professionals offer discounts for using them for multiple events surrounding your wedding. Consider hiring a professional photographer to capture the proposal. Those photos can be used to send out announcements or save-the-dates and save cost on a separate engagement photo session. Cheers to love, laughter and your soon-to-be Happily Ever After!

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