Is Your Pool Going Off The Deep End?

By Ron Hicks, General Manager Pool Scouts Of Huntsville

 We are deep into the summer, and your family has been enjoying their pool for a few months. Your family has enjoyed a cookout followed by a nice afternoon swim. The water is perfect at 82 degrees, and you have just completed a few belly flops. The PH is ideal, just enough to keep your skin soft but not high enough to burn your eyes as you continue to embrace the hot summer sizzle and the sporadic rain that Alabama has to offer.  
You wake up one morning and discover the unthinkable has happened as you gaze at your source of family fun and entertainment. Your pool water is a cloudy, murky green mess, and at that moment, you realize your once family fun center has turned into a pool owner’s worst nightmare. Your immediate thought is that you can fix it with a few chemicals. Over the next two weeks, you try your favorite remedies spending thousands of dollars, and nothing works. Next, you transition to countless hours of YouTube and Instagram videos to fix your issue, but nothing works. This is when you make the best decision for yourself and your family. You search the internet and see a picture of your dedicated neighborhood Pool Scouts Professional on the job. He shows up just like Superman, here to save the day in his favorite shirt and hat decorated with his Pool Scouts uniform. Your family is gleaming with cheer as they welcome your local professional pool scout technician to the family. He leaps in full motion to bring your pool back to its optimal condition without delay.
Like Superman, your Pool Scouts Technician is here to keep you and your family safe while you enjoy your beautiful pool. At Pool Scouts, a knowledgeable pool technician is ready to provide first-class support with a technical edge. Your neighborhood Pool Scouts will give you a customer-friendly step-by-step process of how they will revive your pool to optimal swimming conditions. Each visit, every customer is equipped with a report filled with pictures of your pool’s state before and after the service, the actions taken on your pool, and the water levels to ensure you can monitor the progress of your swimming pool. In the end, with the help of your dedicated pool scout professional, you can once again become the family’s hero along with an occasional belly flop or two, all in the joy of seeing the smile on your favorite person’s face.  

If you have a minor pool emergency, you can rely on your certified Pool Scouts technician to provide excellent services. Pool Scouts of Huntsville is your superhero, keeping your pool in pristine condition all summer long and providing weekly service with a smile. In addition, we would like to ensure your pool is winterized and ready to open to make more family memories. We are full-service pool maintenance and cleaning company dedicated to providing you with a five-star rating experience.

We understand you have many choices, but we are confident that with our excellent services and personal touch, you will want to make sure we support you in creating memories that will last forever. We pride ourselves on knowing our customers and treating them like our extended Pool Scouts family. Keep your pool from jumping off the deep end. Let us take care of the demanding work so you can enjoy belly flops and joyful moments to make priceless memories.


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