By Susan McCain
Stage Director

Who doesn’t love a good Cinderella story? You know the story of the underdog not expected to succeed but by some miracle exceeds our expectations. We love these stories when it pertains to sports. It’s exciting to root for the team that by all accounts should not win a single game but comes out on top. We hear people say, “Oh they had a Cinderella season!” Who doesn’t want a Cinderella season in life?

To watch people overcome obstacles and get the chance to live their dream is magical—just like the classic story of Cinderella. Some people think it’s only a story about a girl meeting a Prince and living happily ever after. However, Cinderella’s story is about so much more. The poor girl has had a series of unfortunate events come her way. She is stuck in a situation with no way out. Her stepmother and stepsisters delight in degrading Cinderella and keeping her at their beck and call. They suppress any opportunity for her to prove that she can rise above her circumstances. Instead, they find amusement in Cinderella’s struggle. Hopefully, the stepmother and sisters are so self absorbed that they’ve no idea what they are doing. Funny thing is, Cinderella finds a way to make the best of her situation. Her world is harsh but she remains gentle. Cinderella escapes her reality through singing and visualizing a better life. Her imagination can take her anywhere! She is lovely and kindhearted. Even the animals of the forest are drawn to Cinderella.

When it is announced that the Prince is giving a Ball, every maiden in the country dreams of attending; even Cinderella imagines that meeting a Prince is within her grasp. Yet that belief is shattered and becomes out of reach. It takes a Fairy Godmother to help Cinderella realize that the Impossible can be Possible. The Fairy Godmother gives Cinderella the greatest gift of all…HOPE. Isn’t that what a good coach gives their team? We all need someone in our life who believes in us and gives us HOPE.

As you attend the beautiful Rodgers and Hammerstein musical CINDERELLA, maybe you will remember a special person in your life who believed in you… one who opened your heart to knowing just how possible the impossible truly is. Get swept up in the magic of it all—the songs, costumes, dancing, humor and romance. Laugh at the antics the stepsisters pull to capture the Prince’s attention. Be astounded by the silly schemes the stepmother comes up with to make her daughters stand out. Enjoy the banter between the King and Queen, who like all parents just want their son to be happy. Anguish with the Prince as he searches for the maiden who will be his wife. He simply wants a girl who can see past his title and love him for who he really is. But most of all, dream with Cinderella that she will find hope and happiness. We all share that dream deep within our hearts.

The story of Cinderella is not just an outdated fairytale. It’s quite relevant today as we all search for our happy ending. Impossible things are happening everyday!!!

Make your own Magical Moments
with Ars Nova’s production of
Rodgers & Hammerstein’s
-The Enchanted Version-
September 16, 17 & 18, 2022
The Dream Theatre
3401 Holmes Ave. NW Huntsville, AL 35816 256-883-1105

Written by Stage Director Susan McCain and her Ventriloquist friend Lea Ann Strickland, who believe in the Magic of Cinderella.

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