What’s The Big Deal with Wallpaper?

By Carolyn Kimbro
Peachtree Interior Design

What’s the deal with Wallpaper? Wallpaper was beginning to be phased out, but it is making a big resurgence in the world of interior design. Open any national magazine highlighting interiors these days and you will see a beautiful space utilizing wallcoverings. Many interior designers are pulling wallpaper into their projects and homeowners are looking for ways they can elevate their homes with this look.

Admit it, the first thing that popped into your head when you heard wallpaper was an image of your grandparents’ home. I see it in the faces of my clients when I suggest using it in their projects; they are imagining the old floral prints of the past. Today, many fabric companies are collaborating with well known fashion and interior designers to create the next generation of wall coverings. Wallpaper adds a finishing touch to homes and is a great conversation piece if used in the right way..

Looking for a way to add a wallcovering into your home? Start by searching for a wallpaper pattern that you love. There is a pattern out there for everyone. Everything from traditional patterns to modern geometrics is available. You can even find removable wallpaper if you want to add an accent to your home without the long-term commitment. Find something that is cohesive with the style of your house, the point is to use this as a feature that fits in with the overall design.

Decide where you want to use your wallpaper. If you want to try this trend but don’t want to commit to a whole room, try using it on an accent wall. Adding an accent wall of wallpaper to any room is a bold alternative to simply painting one wall a different color.

If one wall isn’t the look you want you can try pairing wallpaper with moulding, such as board and baton or shiplap. This will keep your chosen pattern from overwhelming a small room and has a unique finished look. If you love the look of wallpaper but aren’t ready to commit to using it in a main living area, try adding it in a powder bathroom or as an accent in the back of a bookcase. These smaller
spaces can easily be elevated with a bold pattern to set them apart.

Wallpaper doesn’t need to be intimidating; simply adding a small amount can make a big statement to any room in your home.

Carolyn is a dream to work with as she’s not only a great listener but also a tremendous communicator. She has a real gift for understanding each client’s personal style and tastes, creating a beautiful design that meets the need and budget.

– N. Shields

We were thrilled with the great “face lift” that Carolyn gave to our thirty year old home. The vision and execution of an incredible design were flawless. We were so pleased that, a year later, we hired her again to complete a job on another home.

– Former Client

Carolyn took the time to make selections that matched our existing furnishings and personalities. She has an extremely keen eye for color and style. My husband and I feel as if our home of 35 years is brand new.

– Former Client

I highly recommend Carolyn! She did a fantastic job with the color and material selections. Our contractor never had to wait on her for product or answers. Looking forward to spending many years enjoying our beach place!

– B. Fester

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