Parents….Be Involved

By Brandi Lumley
Saint Anne Catholic School

As days are starting to get shorter and schools are opening their doors, it is important to make sure your students are ready for the new school year. Supplies have been bought, book bags are ready to go, and lunches packed, but how can parents/guardians help students ease back into the routine of balancing homework, sports, after-school activities, and social life? Be involved.

Parent involvement is not only an important aspect of the school but also in the lives of the students. It shows the students the importance of school and their self-worth. Parents showing interest and concern for the educational institute leads to respect from the students. It opens the door to communication to help understand and embrace the lives of the students. As parents, our plates can feel like they are over-filled and create frustration. Thinking about being involved with the schools is one more item on my plate, one less evening at home, or even one less Saturday to do what I want to do, but it can create an environment of belonging, understanding, and support. By becoming involved, parents and guardians create a support group of people going through the same journey.

Schools are working harder to create additional support for parents through group meetings, parenting classes, and opportunities to connect with the community around them. Parent Teacher Organizations (PTO) provides conversations with other parents on important topics not only in the school but in the social well-being of the students. Getting involved with school events such as festivals or picnics provides parents the opportunity to have conversations with one another. Even volunteer opportunities in the school such as helping with class projects or reading to classes open the doors for smoother communication between parents and teachers. Being involved creates opportunities to help ensure the success of our students. As the saying goes “It takes a village”, a village is what is created when you become involved in your school.

Saint Ann takes pride in parent involvement throughout the school year. We provide various opportunities for our parents to fully involve themselves in our school to create a family atmosphere. Saint Ann School is a PreK3 through 8th-grade program providing excellent faith-based education. For more information, please contact us by dialing 256-353-6543, email, or check out our website

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