Living Life, Meet Jeremy and Meggan Sanders

By Meggan and Jeremy Sanders as told to Bob Druckman

Meggan and Jeremy Sanders are a couple that has their strong faith bonding them. They are the owners of All Clean, a full service cleaning company based in Huntsville. Jeremy has two daughters Alexandria and Jovanna. Jeremy and Meggan also are dog lovers. They have two dogs Tyson and Scooter.

How did you and Jeremy meet?

I was working at a walk-in doctor’s office in December of 2009. My friend wanted me to put up a dating profile for her. I told her that I would put up a profile for me first. I went onto the website in January 2010 to remove my profile. Jeremy had looked at my profile but never messaged me. I message him by saying, “Hey, what’s up with looking at my profile but not messaging me ;)?” And so it started! That was 12 ½ years ago.

Tell us about yours and Jeremy’s career.

I worked in retail for 14 years, and Jeremy worked in food service for 16 years.

Tell us about yours and Jeremy’s hobbies, church affiliations, volunteer work, & sports teams you follow.

Jeremy’s hobbies are computer games, playing poker, and spending time with family. He grew up in a Baptist church in Pensacola, Florida. His favorite sports teams are the Dallas Cowboys, Huntsville Havoc, and Florida Seminoles.
My hobbies are bowling, watching any type of crime shows, and spending quality time with my two daughters, and two dogs. Jeremy says I spoil them more than I do him! I have been a member of First Christian Church. I’ve done a lot of mission trips. My favorite sports teams are Huntsville Havoc & Alabama Football!

Tell us about yours and Jeremy’s favorite vacation spot.

Jeremy and I both love going to any of the Alabama/Florida beaches. It’s definitely an adventure when it comes to camping instead of staying at a condo!

What is it about Huntsville that you enjoy the most?

I was born and raised mostly around Huntsville. I love all the shopping you can do. Jeremy likes the fact that Huntsville has a small town feel to it even though it’s big.

If you and Jeremy had a motto, what would it be?

We have both lost family members, so we would say to always live life like there’s no tomorrow.

How did you and Jeremy decide to do what you are doing today?

My mother’s health was declining, and I couldn’t return to work. I was already cleaning houses on the side, and we were both tired of working for other people/companies and needed to have a lot of flexibility. So we decided to start All Clean!

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