Regenesis’ Stem Cell Center Results Matter

By Dr. Charles Lee
Regenesis Stem Cell Center

Regenesis Orthobiologic treatments are referred to as “Regenerative Medicine.” They are innovative treatment options for patients seeking relief from the pain and limitations of common orthopedic conditions. Our CEO, Dr. Wardynski, tracks all our patient’s outcomes in our patient registry. For example, for knee patients, we collect Knee Osteoarthritis Index Scores (KOOS) and Visual Pain Scores (VAS) at baseline, one month, three months, and six months. Our outcomes for knee treatments are that 80% of patients get 60% or better improvement in pain and function and 50% get 80% or more improvement. So why do these results matter? Let’s dig in.

Regenerative Medicine uses a patient’s tissues (blood, bone marrow, and micronized fat) as a source for medical treatments and therapies. These autologous cells release various growth factors that assist in the healing of torn tendons, tendinitis/tendinosis, muscle injuries, arthritis-related pain, and joint injuries.
Regenesis’ Regenerative Treatments for knees, such as bone marrow stem cells, provide patients with an alternative to complicated, high-priced, and invasive surgeries. By 2030, there will be over 1.28 million total knee replacement surgeries in the U.S… While surgeries are sometimes necessary, our image-guided treatments offer alternatives that fill the treatment gap between simple joint injections and surgery.

This exciting and innovative new field of Medicine promises tremendous benefits. Still, Regenesis-specific data is necessary to understand and validate its true potential. Numerous clinical trials validate our regenerative treatments are both safe and effective. Still, only real-world patient-centered standardized data can ensure the highest quality of care and maximize good results. While clinical trials can provide a foundation for the efficacy of a particular treatment, they use limited patient inclusion and require a great deal of time and money. By contrast, Regenesis‘ patient registry provides a much deeper and broader understanding of the best treatments for specific conditions and patients. This data empowers my patients and me to make informed medical decisions based on data, not solely opinion, published research, or worse, spitball numbers or paid celebrity spokespersons.

We use the data to evaluate outcomes of specific procedures individually and cumulatively, look at trends over time, grade candidacy and track our patient’s performance. Patient-reported results allow us to:
• Analyze changes in our patient’s condition throughout their journey
• Engage our patients in their care and allow them to gain a better understanding of their improvement
• Demonstrate the quality of care we are providing and its effectiveness
• Gain broader insight and compare the efficacy of treatments
• Improve clinical decision-making based on data insights
• Provide accurate promotional claims compliant with FTC rules

Bottom line, our patient registry data helps us better care for our patients and sets the standard expected from a national center of excellence. So, suppose you are considering knee replacement. In that case, I’ll be happy to give you a second opinion, not just for your knees but for any joint or spine disorder.

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