Who is Special Touch Restoration?

By Jamison Charles
Operations Manager
Special Touch Restoration

Special Touch Restoration is a locally owned company that specializes in disaster mitigation.  What is disaster mitigation?  Fire damage, smoke damage, water damage, sewage backup, mold damage, content cleaning, crawlspace dry outs and cleanup, and the worst of all disasters – postmortem cleanup.  Nathan Evans, the owner of Special Touch Restoration began the business back in 1992 in Guntersville, Alabama just doing carpet cleaning.  Nathan then became aware of the restoration business model and moved to Huntsville where he then began Special Touch Restoration.

Since then, Nathan has been in the restoration business covering everything from small water damages to large loss catastrophes from as far north as Iowa and as far southwest as Houston, Texas and all places in between.  Nathan’s never compromising attitude of complete customer satisfaction is what has sustained his business no matter where he opened or operated.  Nathan opened back up, where he started, in Guntersville, Alabama in June 2019.  Special Touch Restoration has been serving North Alabama and the Gulf Coast during hurricane season getting homes and businesses back to a clean bill of health and ready for contractors to rebuild.  

Why use Special Touch Restoration to mitigate your disaster?  With over 30 years of experience Special Touch Restoration can honestly say that we have been there and done that. We have a great report with all insurance companies and many years of experience negotiating with adjusters to get your home or business back up and running.  So, you may ask why that is important.  When you call Special Touch Restoration to handle your disaster, you can have the confidence that its technicians and administration are there to serve you and have a wealth of knowledge in the industry.  We strive in our daily quest to exceed customer expectations.  

Acting quickly when a disaster occurs is the best course of action. That’s why we operate 24 Hours a day 365 days a year.  When disaster happens there are times when contents are also affected.  Our professionally certified cleaning technicians can clean the affected contents with our state-of-the-art cleaning machines.  We operate an Esporta washing machine that cleans clothes, curtains, and soft goods.  We also have a Fireline Ultrasonic system that allows us to clean rigid items.  We are currently building a new state of the art facility to better serve the needs of our clients and hope to be there in the fall of 2022.

Our credo is that we are sorry to have to meet you under these circumstances, but rest assured you will be glad that you did. No one ever plans to have a disaster, but what you can do is have a plan for when it does.  Special Touch Restoration needs to be a part of that plan, with its plethora of resources, we will help guide you through the process and get you back to life as normal as quickly as possible.   Give us a call we are here to help!

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