The American Dumpster Company Story…

By Jamison Charles
Operations Manager
American Dumpster Company

American Dumpster Company was born in the year that that shook the foundation of our world; the pandemic of 2020 hit the world and as a result, the service industry too. The owner of Special Touch Restoration, Nathan Evans, was frustrated because he could not get any dumpster companies to collaborate with him on supplying dumpsters for the disaster restoration business. So being the entrepreneur he is, Nathan saw an opportunity and formulated a business plan with a former college fraternity brother from University of South Alabama, Pat Adcock.

The idea was to create a dumpster company that would provide unparalleled service based on what he had experienced in the disaster restoration business. Nathan is results driven and expects that of all his personnel in the disaster restoration business and at the dumpster company to run efficiently and provide great service to the clients of both companies. Based on the industry standards that were non-existent according to his experience with dumpster companies in the past, Nathan said that he would answer a call in the middle of the night to provide a quote and provide emergency dumpster delivery to anyone that needed it.

Answering calls was big for his plan, the appearance of the dumpsters, and responding quickly to customer needs, were where he could really capture the best results. Nathan and Pat started with ten dumpsters in the beginning ranging in size from 15 yard to 20 yard to mainly support the restoration company. The initial hauling of the dumpsters began with a trailer and a Chevy 2500 truck. Soon Nathan and Pat realized that a roll-off truck would be needed because his philosophy on answering calls and providing quick service proved to be a success.

The demand for roll dumpsters really took off and because of his “we will respond” business practice, the American Dumpster company has grown from ten dumpsters to one hundred and three roll-off trucks running full time to keep up with the demand. The company offers 15-yard, 20- yard, and 30- yard dumpsters providing service to Birmingham to southern Tennessee and everywhere in between.

Here are the items that ADC helps its clients with: Appliance disposal, mattress disposal, foreclosure clean outs, construction debris removal, yard waste, trash removal, television disposal, and furniture removal. Our purpose is to offer impeccable service and provide a pleasant experience to our clients when it comes to their waste disposal needs. We help our clients finish their projects on-time and on-budget, without all the headaches. ADC promises to help our clients by doing what we say, it is that simple.

We play an important part in helping our clients successfully complete their projects by providing a quick and professional experience at a fair price.

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