Pet Sitting for Your Fur Babies

By Elizabeth Reich, Content Coordinator

With all the additional activities you may have, on your calendar this bodes the question “What about our fur babies?” Connie Glenn, owner of Aunt Connie’s Pet Sitting Service answers your questions about at-home pet sitting.

Tell us a little about your pet sitting background (qualifications/experience)

Connie has been caring for pets for the better part of four decades. While Connie was living in Michigan she worked with a vet for two years, five years with a humane society, and 15 years in child care. While a pet sitter in Michigan she had over 500 keys! She prides herself on her way with pets of all kinds. In addition to dogs and cats, Connie also pet-sits exotic animals like tarantulas, all kinds of reptiles, an entire aviary, ferrets, rabbits and a tiger!

What are your procedures for dealing with pet emergencies and other emergencies?

During the interview I always ask what the fears of the pet are. The owners always let me know where to take the pet in case of lightening, thunder, tornado etc. I sit with the pet keeping them calm until the emergency is over. She is certified in pet CPR.

Connie delivered a pet to an airport as planned, while a client was taken to a hospital. Provided calm reassurance in traumatic situations and has reliable back up with her sister and brother-in-law, Bonnie.

Can you administer medication?

Yes, I have given insulin and other types of medications prescribed by a vet.

How do you keep my keys secure?

I have a locked file cabinet and the keys are numbered according to assigned pet number. NEVER BY THE HOUSE ADDRESS.

How do you care for my home while I am gone?

I guard my client’s privacy and never have anybody inside your home.

What hours do you pet sit?

All hours of the day and night. I have done overnights, day visits for people who work, and vacations.

How can I reach you for more information, requesting references, rates, or other questions I might have?

For more information on Aunt Connie’s Pet Sitting Service’s rates and services provided, call Connie Glenn at 256-690-7027 for a free meet and greet.


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