Opera Huntsville presents a Juneteenth Celebration: Two Worlds

On Tuesday June 14, 2022 at 6pm, Opera Huntsville presents a Juneteenth Celebration: Two Worlds, featuring professional black artists performing classical and jazz works. 

Two pieces, two worlds: OH explores popular excerpts from Gershwin’s “Porgy and Bess” side-by-side highlights from “John Henry,” a new opera composed by living, black artists James Dargan and Eddie Charlton. Curated by our production manager Sierra Hammond, listen and learn as Sierra guides us through outstanding vocal performances coupled with discussions on the meaning behind Juneteenth, Freedom Day, and black artistry in Huntsville and in opera.

Juneteenth Celebration: Two Worlds

an Opera Bytes Live program featuring Classical & Jazz performed by black artists
Tuesday 6/14/22, 6:00 PM, $10
Robyn’s Garden Winery, 200 Oakwood Ave NE Suite A, Huntsville, AL 35811



Sierra Hammond, soprano
Kenisha Hill Phillips, soprano
Dekendra Jackson, soprano
Tatyana Smith, soprano
James Dargon, baritone
Brandon Niska, piano5
And more

Musical selections:

“Bess you is my woman now'” from Porgy and Bess, George Gershwin
“John, my Dear John” from John Henry, James Dargan+ and Eddie Charlton+
“Strange Fruit” Billie Holiday
“Four Women” Nina Simone
“A Sentimental Mood” Ella Fitzgerald
“Almost There” from Princess and the Frog, Randy Newman+
“Love Let the Wind Cry – How I Adore Thee” Undine Smith Moore
“Summertime” George Gershwin

*denotes Huntsville-based performer, +denotes living composer

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