Feel Better Look Better at Regenesis

By Dr Charles Lee
Regenesis Stem Cell Center

Here is a Regenesis Surprise! Regenesis Stem Cell Center offers the latest advances in aesthetics. While orthopedics is the mainstay of bone marrow stem cell and platelet-rich plasma therapies, they may also be applied to improve our physical appearance. At Regenesis Stem Cell Center we employ cutting edge technologies that help our patients to “Feel Better, Look Better.”

Due to our bioidentical hormone balancing, physician-supervised weight loss, and orthopedic regenerative stem cell injections for arthritis , our patients report feeling 15, 20, or more years younger.

To complement our patients regained vitality, we offer our patients the latest noninvasive state-of-the-art modalities for skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, evening skin tone, reducing blemishes, including rosacea, and removing unwanted hair our In-Mode Laser and Opus Plasma systems. We combine these modalities with a fantastic line of skincare. In addition, for more challenging skin issues, we offer fractional CO2 laser resurfacing.

To address hair loss for both men and women we offer the latest development in hair restoration, Alma’s newly launched TED device. TED stands for Trans Epidermal Delivery system. This new painless ultrasound-driven (TED) trans-epidermal delivery system is the perfect system for our Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) hair restoration therapy. The combination of TED and Alma’s growth factors, PRP, and Hair growth topicals makes Regenesis the leader in the southeast in hair restoration.

We also offer noninvasive body contouring with our Cartessa Physiq system. Physiq selectively melts fat from the stubborn areas on your arms, thighs, and abdomen while stimulating muscle contracture to enhance your muscle tone and definition. This device is particularly valuable for those in average shape but with problem areas. With such individuals, generalized weight loss from dieting may result in a gaunt, hollow look. To avoid this situation, Physiq produces selective noninvasive weight loss and muscle development. It is painless, even comfortable, and you can partake of IV therapy while watching or listening to your favorite entertainment.

For more challenging body contouring, we have Mimedix mini-liposuction available for those mommy tummies, muffin tops, or arms and thighs. For outstanding results, we combine mini- liposuction with our Renuvion cold plasma internal skin tightening device. I remove tummy fat and tighten your abdominal skin from within! These are quick, minimally invasive procedures done with IV sedation. You’ll love your new swimsuit look.

Of course, Regenesis also offers Allergan products such as Juvaderm Ultra, Volbella, Voluma, and Botox. With this products we can gradually build up problem areas, so no one knows why you look so much better. Alternatively, you may want to benefit from the Regenesis liquid facelift. It is appropriate for up to 10-12 ml of filler. For liquid lifts greater than that, we offer micronized fat transfer to the face or even hands using the Mimedix mini liposuction that we can enhance with bone marrow stem cells. This stem cell enhancement promotes far greater fat engraftment than a standard fat transfer. We can transfer to the face and hands with volumes of 50-100ml. In addition, the stem cell enhanced fat graft offers additional benefits to revitalizing your overlying skin. As a result, your face will be fuller with younger-looking skin.

Finally, Regenesis offers a comprehensive sexual health evaluation and potentially shock-wave, PRP, or stem cell injections for men’s and women’s sexual function enhancement.

At Regenesis we await your call to help you “Feel Better and Look Better.”

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