The 2022 Mercedes Benz EQB- The GLB Electrified

White Mercedes-Benz crossover SUV pictured in front of a rusty metal building, parked on light gray asphalt in front of a gravel border that reaches the rusty building. In the distance are neatly stacked cut lumber on industrial racks. The vehicle is a 2022 EQB, an electric version of the Mercedes GLB

The Mercedes Benz EQ line of electric vehicles continues to expand with the new EQB.

With a wheelbase of 111 inches and 23 cubic feet of cargo space, transporting luggage, groceries and sporting equipment is easy. It also has an additional 3rd row as 2 additional seats unfold.

The powertrain on the EQB comes 2 ways; a 225 hp EQB 300 and a 288hp EQB 350. Both are standard all wheel drive as the electric motor is located on each axle.

2022 Mercedes-Benz EQB, a rose gold crossover SUV from Mercedes-Benz - an electric version of the GLB, pictured in front of a dark background and parked on smooth, wet concrete so as to reflect the mirror image of the vehicle in a stylized way.

The EQ specific styling features the black grille panel with the Mercedes star and bi-or tri-color wheel choices in either blue or rose gold accents. The LED headlights and taillights were designed specifically for the EQ vehicles and features a light band that runs between them. An AMG Line Package is available as an option.

The EQB’s cockpit has a set of dual 10.25 inch displays, one for the instrument panel and one a touchscreen for infotainment. The EQB has the latest MBUX operating system (Just Say “Hey Mercedes”), including augmented reality navigation system, Apple Car Play and Android Auto.

Technology and Performance
420 V lithium-ion battery with 66.5 kWh battery capacity
7.5 hours (10 – 100%) charging time, 240V wall box
32 minutes (10 – 80%) charging time, DC fast charging 110kW
225 hp and 288 lb-ft of torque (300) and 288 hp and 324 lb-ft of torque (350)
Navigation with Electric Intelligence factors maximum charging power and duration of charging stops into route recommendations
4MATIC all-wheel drive
ECO Assist predicatively computes driving to help save energy
Mercedes me Charge allows use of numerous charging stations from various providers
The buyer will get one year of free Mercedes Me Charge which provides access to public charging at a variety of public charging stations.

Mercedes, as the industry leader in safety, has packed the EQB with the latest safety features. Blind spot monitoring, emergency braking assistance and lane keeping assistance are standard and the Driver Assistance Package is available.

Mercedes Benz The Best Or Nothing

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