BritFit, a Holistic View of Health and Wellness

By Brittni Moreno
Owner BritFit

My name is Brittni Moreno and my story begins with me moving to Huntsville, AL in 1996 with my mother who was serving in the armed forces. At the time I was the typical child whose focus did not extend beyond friends, having a good time, and eating what I wanted. Little did I know that the events that would come in the following years would help to shape my outlook on life and form my unique perspective on health and wellness.

During my matriculation in school, I began to develop a strong passion for education, more specifically elementary education. Because of this, I decide to pursue an elementary education degree during my undergraduate studies at Brenau University. I believed that by doing this I could equip myself with the tools that I needed to become a successful teacher and make a lasting impact on the students that I would encounter. After accomplishing my degree I moved back to Huntsville and got the opportunity to exercise my newly acquired skills in both Madison County schools as well as Huntsville City Schools for a period of ten years.

As life continued I got married and had my first son, Diesel, who further broadened my perspective in the most unexpected way. Like many other mothers, I dealt with a period of post-partum following his birth that I was completely unaware of until I began noticing physical changes in my body. I lost a large amount of weight and experienced depression and random swings of emotion at different extremes. After finally being diagnosed I made a personal commitment to myself to find a consistent and solid method of lifestyle to prevent me from ever slipping back into what I had just experienced.

As I thought about what health meant to me I discovered that it was so much more than just going to the gym and working out. Yes, it felt good to achieve the physical result that I was looking for, but how can I enjoy those results if my mind is in chaos? I decided that fitness had to be intimately connected to wellness in order to complete the picture of health. I found that the ergonomics of my environment could either boost or lower my mental outlook on the day and that even the organization of my closet could play a role in making me want to go to the gym in the pursuit of good fitness.

Enter BritFit. BritFit is the three-dimensional bi-product of my life experiences thus far. Not only do we focus on our clients’ fitness and physical goals, but we also incorporate health and wellness by offering nutritional plans, commercial and residential cleaning services as well as a home organization aimed at helping you become the total you that you were made to be. BritFit also offers many services aimed at wellness for children. To date, we have started a Music and Movement program that has already been implemented in two Madison County Schools, with more schools on the way. Our diverse service offerings and holistic view of health make BritFit a unique company for all of your health, wellness, and fitness goals.

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