We Are Saint Ann School

By Brandi Lumley

In the southwest corner of Decatur on Spring Ave stands a school full of tradition, respect, and love for educating our youth in a God-centered environment. Saint Ann School has been a member of Decatur City for over 60 years. Although the original building is no longer being used, the beliefs that started the school all those years ago shine true through the abundance of students who have graced our halls and are proud to call Saint Ann their alma mater.

Saint Ann brings the beginning of the classical curriculum style of study to our area giving parents a broader choice in the type of education their child receives. But what is “Classical Curriculum”? “Classical Curriculum Education is a traditional approach to education rooted in the Western Civilization and culture developed by the church, grounded in piety and governed by theology, employing the historic curriculum and pedagogy of the seven liberal arts in order to cultivate men and women characterized by wisdom, virtue, and eloquence.” (Dr. Christopher Perrin). Saint Ann’s vision and mission are to implement the true, good, and beautiful of our world and religion in every aspect of our teaching. Students learn through song, memorization, and repetition the importance of all subjects with Jesus as the center of every lesson. Our approach is to create a community of learning through academic rigor along with involving vibrant interaction between teachers, students, parents, and others. This instills the virtues of our faith, the wisdom of the world, and how to interact in a positive, Christian way.

Through the pandemic, Saint Ann has been able to successfully continue the person-to-person learning style that is beneficial to all early learners. Our school welcomes students as early as 3 years old to join our community with our Pre-K program and continue their faith-based education through 8th grade where many students leave our school but continue with their private education to our two sister schools, John Paul II in Huntsville and Saint Bernard Prep in Cullman. Our small class atmosphere allows for personalized instruction and high-performance expectations.

Our traditions of public events have persevered and grown through the years. On April 30, 2022, the school will be celebrating our 33rd Annual Seafood Fiesta which brings in participation from all over the community. The Fiesta will be filled with crafters, a car show, wonderful seafood, delicious Mexican food, and lots of fun laughter. This event has been a staple in our community and continues to be a supporting fundraiser to continue with our vision of a great education for our youth. Information can be found on the school website saintanndecatur.org or by calling the school office at 256-353-6543. Open enrollment is currently going on for the 2022-2023 school year.

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