Benefit Concert Huntsville College Preparatory School

By Monique Griffin, Principal and CFO
Huntsville College Preparatory School
And Isaac Griffin – COO and Vice Principal

Huntsville College Preparatory School, formerly known as Huntsville Achievement School is a nonprofit private school, serving children with learning differences in the heart of Huntsville for over 14 years. Our student body includes students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Dyslexia, ADHD, Anxiety and students who simply need an individualized learning experience.

Our mission is to present an individualized academic experience that is a catalyst for confidence and curiosity. It is our objective to understand the peaks and valleys of each student, and use that data to navigate them to exceed their own expectations, in spite of diagnosis, personal limitations, socio-economic background and assumed stereotypes previously adopted. We expose all our students to various university catalogs by maintaining a collegiate presence, dual enrollment, volunteer and enrichment relationships with local universities. HCPS is the difference between going to school and experiencing education.

This Spring, we are pursuing our first fundraising initiative to establish an internal scholarship fund for students whose family may be experiencing financial hardship and an inability to cover tuition costs. Our goal is to raise enough funds to cover the cost for at least seven current and/or prospective enrollees. On May 10, 2022, we are hosting a benefit concert fundraising event. Although this event is free to the community, our concert guests are encouraged to make a monetary donation towards our scholarship fund. 

Concert guests will enjoy an exclusive musical presentation from world renowned, two time Global Music Award winner classical guitarist Giovanni De Chiaro. Mr. De Chiaro performed twice at the White House for former President and First Lady Bill and Hilary Clinton. Giovanni is the founder and director of the Carlow Choir, who performed for Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican in Rome. He has recorded two nationally televised programs for PBS and won top honors at several national and international film festivals. 

So, mark your calendars as we invite you to join us for a once in lifetime serenade of profound music as we indulge our senses and build community as crusaders of education.  

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