Meet Tommy and Gleria Anderson

Tommy and Gleria are U.S. Army veterans with a long history of community service. Their blended family is scattered across the United States and they are proud of their accomplishments.

Here is their story….

How did you get to Huntsville?

Tommy- Gleria is a native of Hillsboro, AL and I’m a native of Ridgeland, Ms.  We joined the U.S. Army, honorably served 22 years, and retired in Huntsville.

How did you and your husband meet?

Gleria – I was running a 5k race in Huntsville around May 2014 and Tommy’s organization was sponsoring the race. We engaged in conversation which led to a dinner date a week later and that was history!

Where were you married? How long have you been married? 

Tommy – We were married in Huntsville, AL on 24 Aug 2014. We have been married for 7 wonderful years.

Gleria- I truly enjoy being married to Tommy and creating wonderful memories with the grandkids, traveling and working together.

Tell us about your children and grandchildren.

Tommy and Gleria have a blended family of three boys and one girl which are scattered around the U.S. They also have eight grandchildren in which five are boys and three are girls. They enjoy regularly visits with their daughter and two grandsons who live in Harvest, AL

What are your children’s careers?

Tommy – Our children have been following their own paths of career choices to include two serving in the U.S. Army and one in the U.S. Marine Corp. Currently, they have a son that is a fitness trainer who live in California, a daughter who currently is studying to be a Xray Technician who lives in Harvest Alabama, a son who is a Scientist with a PHD in Biomedical Engineering who lives in Connecticut and a son who is a U.S. Army Soldier who lives in Kansas.

What’s your best memory together?

Tommy- We have many wonderful memories and to choose one to write about is unfair. With that being said, we would like to share the memory when the two of us chose to serve our country in the Middle East. Tommy was assigned to Afghanistan and Gleria was assigned to Kuwait. Tommy’s position allowed him to travel between Afghanistan, Iraq and Kuwait in which he made trips frequently to Kuwait and was able to spend time with his “Better Half”. We also were able to visit other countries such as Thailand, Dubai, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay during our assignment to the Middle East.

Tell us about any church or volunteer work that you do.

Gleria- We are members of Kingdom Reign Ministry Church, where we are sometime called upon to teach. We are currently enrolled in The Apostolic School of Ministry at Harvest Time Church in Huntsville where we are learning more about the Kingdom of God, Tommy likes to mentor young men in the community as well.

What do you like most about Huntsville?

Tommy – We like the diversity of people and work industry.

What was your motivation to do the work you do?

Gleria – Our parents are our motivation. Taking care of our seniors is a mandate from God which everyone can do on a daily basic. Helping and serving others is a gift that keeps on giving.

Tell us about your military careers.

Gleria – I joined the Army at age 17 upon completing High School, and because I was not yet 18 my mother had to sign documents authorizing my enlistment. My goal was to complete 20 years and make the highest rank Sergeant Major (SGM E-9). I went on to serve for 22 years and reached the rank of Master Sergeant (MSG E-8)

Tommy – I joined the Army at age 18. In the Army Aviation Field and was assigned to nine different locations, one just as exciting as the next. I too went on to serve 22 years.

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