Safe Approaches to Pain Management through TeleHealth

By Kala Patel
Safer Pain Management

Over 125 million adults in the United States suffer from acute or chronic pain.  In fact, most people reading this article have at some point reached into the medicine cabinet for treatment of an occasional pain or injury that is inevitable during our active work-play life.  These aches and pains don’t always happen at the most opportune time, and also don’t always require a visit to the doctor or urgent care. For these times, Safer Pain Management is needed and can be achieved multiple ways with or without the use of medications.

By combining treatments that could include stretching, yoga, massage, ice/heat therapy and most importantly rest, we can usually overcome most of our aches and pains. Many times over-the-counter pain medications such as Tylenol, Advil and Aspirin can help with the pain, but many times stronger prescription medications are needed, especially for muscle related pain such as backaches and neck strains. The opioid crisis has taken over 500,000 lives in the past 20 years so the last thing we want to take for acute pain and injuries are addictive medications, but alternatives are available. 

Living through the COVID pandemic has made most Americans embrace technology and virtual care through TeleHealth. Most physician practices and online telehealth companies provide care for minor illnesses through virtual appointments with or without video calls.  Pain management through Telehealth is also now a viable option for those that are not getting relief from over-the counter pain medications but aren’t in enough pain to go see a physician or specialist.

The online platform is a great resource for anyone wanting to learn more about pain management and a multitude of safer pain management approaches. The website has links to many resources and educational tips that can help you manage pain safely.  It also has an online pain telehealth consultation available for those needing a safe non-addictive prescription medication when over-the-counter pain medications are just not cutting it for that nagging muscle ache, back pain or joint pain. 

Pain is REAL and we should all look to safely manage pain without the use of addictive opioids. Technology has given us access to information so we can be more educated about how to safely manage pain, and even connect with healthcare providers who can help treat pain virtually in many cases.

Star Discount Pharmacy is partnered with Safer Pain Management and shares the commitment of helping patients manage their pain safely without addictive opioids whenever possible.  When conducting Telehealth visits through Safer Pain Management choose:

Star Discount Pharmacy
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Suite R
Huntsville AL 35802
(256) 650-2335
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As your preferred pharmacy, we’ll ensure you will get medication prescribed at the least possible price.

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