Warmer Weather= Termite Swarmers

By Jason and Jennie Keith
J&J Pest Control

Spring is just around the corner. The warmer weather brings out all the insects, especially termite swarmers. When their environment gets to the correct conditions, termite swarmer’s will begin to seemingly come out of nowhere. They are not good fliers and only fly shortly and break their wings off, and then they crawl. What you need to know is that is a sign that they have invaded your home.

Most people spray the swarmers with an insecticide and think that has solved the problem. That is not true. Termites can damage your home for a very long time, and you may never know. With the exception of the swarming insects, mud tunnels on the foundation are the biggest sign that you have a termite problem.  They have a very complex system. The winged swarmers are the reproductive insects. They are sent out to start new colonies. Due to their short flying time, many don’t make it to start a new colony. They don’t bite or eat wood; their sole job is to start a new colony.  Meanwhile, the queen is laying eggs and making more worker or soldiers. The workers are the ones that eat the wood and cause all the damage to your home. The workers feed the colony while the soldiers protect it. It is very important to have an annual inspection to check for any signs of these pests. They can be very costly and cause you a lot of problems.

J and J Pest Control LLC can help. We offer general pest control and termite control. We can inspect, treat, and offer two types of termite protection. Our re-treat bond gives you a yearly inspection, in which we retreat your home if there are any signs of termites at no additional cost. With the repair bond, you will get any damages repaired at no cost. Of course, the repair bond is more expensive yearly, but it protects you more. With both types, you will get your home protected. We pride ourselves with good customer service; therefore we are happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

Some species of ants are often confused as termites. They also have flying reproductive swarmers. The main differences in the two are their wings; Termites have equal length wings with many small veins, whereas the ants’ wings are not alike in shape or size and have only a few veins.   If you have a problem, it is best to call someone to correctly identify the pest. It is very difficult to control an insect that you have not correctly identified. You must understand their biology and environment to correctly rid yourself of these pests. That’s where J and J Pest Control comes in. We can identify the pest and create a strategy to rid your home as quickly as possible.

J and J Pest Control LLC is a locally owned and operated pest control company that is based out of Fayetteville Tennessee. We offer monthly, quarterly, and one-time services. We would be happy to help you with your needs. We are open Monday through Friday 8-4:30. You can find us online at our website, jandjpestllc.com, or you can contact us through Facebook, text, or call. Whichever is best for you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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