How Can A Remodel Help My Home’s Value?

By Darin Windham, Realtor
Key Finders Group RE/Max Alliance

This fact might surprise you: The average home improvement project does not tend to have a 100% return on initial investment.

You might be thinking – then why would I remodel? The reasons range from the added enjoyment you’ll get from having that brand new kitchen to staying in line with other homes in the area who are investing in these upgrades.

However, if you’re looking for a project with 100% ROI, these are some of the top options you should consider.


It may be a cliché, but in real estate, first impressions really are everything. Yes, some may need a couple of days to think it over, but many potential buyers fall in love with a home the moment they pull into the driveway.  A positive first impression can be enough to get a potential buyer excited enough to seriously consider making an offer.

It’s a great way to add personality and style to your home and is more affordable and less time intensive than interior remodeling.

It can even increase your home’s value. Carefully planned landscaping can add 10 to 15 percent to a home’s value in a hot market. And, if things are slower, curb appeal can end up being the deciding factor for many buyers.


New roofing probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about home improvements that increase home value. But research reveals that having new roofing installed can have a big impact on home value.  New roofing gives you the opportunity to cut cooling costs while improving curb appeal and resale value.

A new roof can also offer longer warranties, some as long as 50 years.  And some types of asphalt roof shingles have an ENERGY STAR® rating because they are designed to reflect solar heat, thereby reducing cooling costs.


Hardwood floors can help sell your home faster and for more money.  Why?  Because hardwood flooring is the preferred flooring choice, and it improves the value of your home.  In fact, a majority of real estate agents surveyed by the National Wood Flooring Association said houses with hardwood flooring are easier to sell, sell for more money, and sell faster. 


For the past 7 consecutive years, residential architects have ranked outdoor living areas (such as patios) as the No. 1 “special function” room among consumers. For buyers or sellers, a patio or deck can be a huge positive.  It can add such a “wow” factor that it will make your house move that much quicker, easier, and for more. 

Are you considering a remodel in 2022?  

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