Redistricting District 5

By Phil Riddick Madison County Commissioner District 5

Every ten years, after the census, elected officials are required to go through a redistricting process to balance population levels in each district.  The State Legislators do this as well as the City Council and the County Commission.  As of now all these bodies have gone through the process of drawing and adopting new district lines. 

The new district lines become effective at the next election cycle for the particular body up for election.  For instance, citizens will vote in the primaries this May for their legislators based on the new district lines.  The districts become effective once the election has occurred in November.  County Commissioners are not up for election until 2024 therefore the current lines are in effect until the 2024 election.

We have been blessed with substantial growth here.  Since the last census, Madison County has gone from roughly 336,000 to 388,153, a growth of about 52,000 countywide.  The Commission is divided into six Commission districts.  By law, we must take the total new population and divide by six and balance to within 5%.  Therefore, each County Commission district must be within plus or minus 5% of 64,692 citizens.  The Commission adopted the new district lines at our January 19, 2022 Commission meeting.  As we went about coming up with new districts, there were a number of factors we took into consideration that were not necessarily required legally.  One thing was we tried to avoid splitting neighborhoods.  Another was we wanted the lines to be along main corridors as much as possible.  For example, under the previous district map, the English Village neighborhood was split between District 5 and District 3.  That has been corrected in the new version.

How has District 5 been affected?  Basically the district as a whole has shifted south.  The northern boundary has shifted from Governors Drive down to Drake and on the south end the boundary has shifted from Green Cove Road to the Tennessee River.  The other major change to the district is that it no longer goes over the mountain.  Previously district 5 had a protrusion that extended over the mountain and encompassed the Hampton Cover area.  Simply stated, District 5 swapped the Hampton Cove area for English Village and the Farley area.  More detailed information about the redistricting process and maps can be found at the Madison County Website.  Click here for Commission Redistricting Information.

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