Meet Lamont Wright Sales Consultant – Mercedes Benz of Huntsville

By Bob Druckman, Publisher South Huntsville Neighbors

Lamont Wright is one of the newest members of Mercedes-Benz of Huntsville. He is a graduate of J.O. Johnson High School and UAH. He has always been in the customer service world. “I started at 14 working in a barber shop and working with people just comes natural to me,” Lamont said. He came to Mercedes through Eddie Williams.

As Lamont tells the story, “Mr. Williams and I got to talking and he encouraged me to come in and fill out an application. I did that and went through the interview process and as they say the rest is history.” Lamont’s familiarity with Mercedes goes back to his grandmother. “She owned one and I remember how great she felt driving it. I want my clients to feel the same way when they drive their Mercedes.”

What does the Mercedes star mean to you?

Elegance, Safety, Luxury and Comfort. The fact that Mercedes is a pioneer in all that I just mentioned has always been important to me and it has always impressed me. Mercedes has always pushed the envelope and the fact that they have come up with so many amazing features over the years really stands out.

It’s the pinnacle of automotive excellence when someone owns a Mercedes. In my mind it means “Made It” It’s the dedication of Mercedes to be the best.

Which vehicle is your favorite?

I love the GLE. The stability control is the best in the business. It hugs the road and curves even at high speeds, it has excellent balance. Also, it has wonderful options and is totally different than any other SUV out there.

Tell us about your interaction with a client

First, I consider myself a resource for what the client is looking for. We always try to pair up the customer regarding their needs and wants. I use what they tell me in a positive and productive way. On the test drive I love to discuss the luxury, safety and practicality of the vehicle.

What would you like the readers of South Huntsville Neighbors to know about you?

I love the direction of Mercedes-Benz and I am passionate about what the star represents. I am dedicated to my craft and my goal is to give them the best experience possible when they are looking for their Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-Benz The Best Or Nothing

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