The Final Walkthrough – Don’t be Nervous!

By Darin Windham, Realtor
Key Finders Group RE/Max Alliance

Does the final walkthrough before closing on your new home make you feel nervous or anxious?  Read on to ensure a smooth process.

What Is A Final Walkthrough?

The final walkthrough before closing on a house is one of the last steps to buying a home. The final walkthrough is typically completed after the seller has moved out and allows the buyer to confirm that agreed upon repairs have been made, and that there are no new issues.

Essentially, the final walkthrough allows home buyers to do one last check. This is to make sure that the home they’re purchasing is in the same condition it was when they agreed to buy it, plus any additional repairs stipulated in the purchase agreement, and that nothing has been removed – like light fixtures or faucets – that shouldn’t have been.

When Does A Final Walkthrough Take Place?

Final walkthroughs typically take place as close to closing day as possible. During the walkthrough, a buyer and their real estate agent will go through the property. They’ll check that there’s no new damage, that all the home’s systems and appliances included in the sale are still working and that the home is in clean condition.

If the seller has been moved out for a while, they’ll also be on the lookout for things that could’ve gone wrong in the time since the property was vacated.

Participating in a final walkthrough as a buyer is vital. Not only are you about to make a huge purchase, but you’re also about to be legally and financially responsible for this property. Forgoing a final walkthrough could mean unwittingly taking on a big financial burden, having to pay for a repair you’d already negotiated with the seller to cover, or worse.

Final Walkthrough Checklist

In the excitement of closing on your new house, it can be easy to overlook certain issues. That’s why it can be helpful to know ahead of time what types of things you should be looking for.

Here is a checklist to ensure that your soon-to-be-new home is in good shape, inside and out:

  • Check every room, closet, basement, and garage space.
  • Verify that your requested repairs have been made.
  • Make sure there haven’t been any major changes to the property since purchase.
  • That all of the items agreed to in the contract are there (curtains, appliances, etc.)
  • All appliances are operating (dishwasher, washer/dryer, oven, etc.)
  • Hot water heater and HVAC unit are working.
  • Nothing permanent has been removed from the yard.
  • Instruction books and warranties on appliances are available.
  • All debris and personal items of the seller have been removed.
  • The sellers are gone and it’s ready for your movers to come!

Now that your successful final walkthrough is complete, you are ready to close, pick up the keys, and move into your new home. Congratulations!

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