Easy Check In and Communication with Our Phreesia App

By Women 4 Women OB-GYN

Balancing the needs of a modern medical practice with the expectations of today’s patients can be a tricky matter. A successful practice must care for a high volume of patients each day in order to offer comprehensive services.  On the other hand, to keep those patients satisfied, practitioners should know that they are, first and foremost, in the customer service business.

We understand customer service at Women4Women OBGYN, where everyone is treated as a VIP. To that end, a year ago we invested in a new technology to improve patients’ experience in several key ways. We integrated Phreesia, a mobile phone based medical information platform, into our registration and check-in processes and the results have been dramatic.

Phreesia’s Mobile offerings allow patients to conveniently check in for their appointments from the privacy and safety of their own device, no matter where they are. They can complete their registration at home, in their car, or in our office; and no worries if a patient does not have a mobile device: we can still manually check them in.

The patient adoption rate to Phreesia mobile for our practice is now around 92%! Phreesia offers patients a convenient and contactless way to update their medical history, sign consent forms, and make payments. Patients can two-way text questions to our staff through Phreesia, and their text is easily routed to the appropriate party. No need to wait on hold. This feature helps W4W immeasurably by keeping our call volume more manageable. At the end of their appointment, patients can provide feedback on their visit, providing us with the type of information that is essential to our growth as a medical practice.

With Phreesia’s Zero-Contact Intake, interactions between patient and staff are smoother and more efficient. A patient simply steps off the elevator for her appointment and lets the check-in know that she has arrived, which many do with a simple wave of the hand. If she has not checked-in before arriving, she can sit down and complete the forms on her phone in the comfort of our beautiful waiting areas.

The Phreesia app is user-friendly and streamlines both patient intake and any payments that may be due at the time. The app will take the patient through a series of questions relating to their medical and social history. After the first visit with W4W, the patient will just need to review their answers to see if anything has changed. In addition, patients can use the app to mark any aesthetic product or service that they would like to hear about. If available, our aesthetic team will drop in the exam room to introduce themselves and to schedule a consult while the patient is waiting for their provider.

Since we started with Phreesia, our appointment wait times have dropped considerably. Depending on the type of appointment and the provider, our patients are spending, on average, 14 to 31 minutes less in the clinic than they had the year prior. In the end, Phreesia’s mobile check-in allows W4W to maintain its high volume of daily appointments while dramatically improving patient experience. A win-win, for sure.

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