“Something’s Going on in Huntsville”

By Greer Milam, SPARC Test Prep

Happy New Year everyone! My first year in Huntsville has been very welcoming. The move up from Birmingham just over a year ago was a definite step of faith that has been confirmed many times over the past several months. For this article I thought I would express my gratitude for the open-armed reception along with a quick bio.

Family and friends back home regularly ask, “So how do you like Huntsville?” The question they are really asking is “Is it working out?” My response is always bookended with the statements “Love it!” and “Something’s going on in Huntsville.” I do my best to describe the rolling hills of tech industry and the insanity of the rush-hour traffic on the Memorial Parkway. I noticed early on that it was hard to find someone in Huntsville from Huntsville. So many of the residents are recruited in to fill the expanding job market. It quickly became very clear that Huntsville did not know when it will stop growing and that this would be where I would relaunch my business.

Briefly, here are a few statements of my education and background. My bachelor’s degree is in math and physics from Samford University in Birmingham. I earned a master’s of divinity from Southern Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, while serving as a pastoral intern at Lakeview Baptist Church in Auburn. For nine years I had the honor of participating with the nation’s top high school mathematics team at Vestavia Hills High School, five years as a math team student and four years as a teacher and assistant math team coach for the seniors in advanced placement calculus and physics. With this experience, I stepped out of my teaching role in 2005 to begin my own test prep and tutoring business in Mountain Brook where I successfully coached the ACT, SAT, and PSAT exams for the next 15 years.

In September of 2020, I began phasing parts of my business into north Alabama and moved to Huntsville a month later in October. Currently, I work from two locations, one in Redstone Gateway at Gate 9 of Redstone Arsenal and a second at the north entrance into Research Park near MidCity. For the upcoming ACT and SAT exams, I will be taking 12 new students per test date through the spring semester. Please visit the website at sparctestprep.com or call 256-724-0808.

SPARC Test Prep is a leading provider of test preparation in the state of Alabama since 2002 offering a full range of tutoring and college admission services specializing in preparation for the ACT, SAT, PSAT and AP exams. SPARC, LLC is exclusive to the Huntsville/Madison area of North Alabama.

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