Allied Crawlspace Solutions – Basement Waterproofing

By Lee Allen, Allied Crawl Space Solutions


Basement water problems have impacted the lives of homeowners for over a century. And while many waterproofing solutions have been presented over the years, some problems still exist. The ineffective solutions include perforated drainage tiles that clog and messy intrusive solutions like exterior excavation. Some of these solutions are still being used today.


The No Water waterproofing system is the new modern answer. It’s installed under your basement floor and functions like a gutter system does for the exterior of your home. It collects incoming water and drains directly into the sump pump. No Water will not clog like perforated piping, it provides a non-intrusive way to keep your basement dry and comes with a Lifetime Transferable Warranty that gives you peace of mind for your biggest investment.


Be sure to check the gutters, underground downspout discharge lines, grading and sump pump before investing in a basement waterproofing system. These items have a large impact on the foundation of your home and could be the cause of water in your basement or crawl space.

What do I need to know about sump pumps?

The sump pump is the heart of the system, and if it doesn’t work nothing else will. It is highly recommended that you have an annual service on your sump pump so that you can find a problem before it finds you.

The Dual Pump Pack A/C Back-Up:

The A/C Back-Up sump pump system comes equipped with a primary pump which has a pumping capacity of 2500 gallons per hour. It is also equipped with a second pump that sits on a shelf a little higher than the primary pump to take over in the event that the primary pump should fail. Its perforated liner drains water from underneath the basement floor. A/C Back–Up also comes standard with a high water alarm to alert you in the event of failure, leaving the homeowner adequate time to service the sump pump before your basement floods.

D/C Back-Up

The D/C Back-Up sump pump system comes standard with all of the features of the A/C Back–Up sump pump with one difference; it comes with a battery backup system in the event the main system fails due to a power outage. It comes complete with a battery and alarm to alert you that the battery and alarm to alert you that the battery backup is functioning.

Heavy Duty

The Heavy Duty includes all the features and benefits of the D/C backup system and also includes a secondary sump pump system to aid the primary pump in the event that the primary pump can’t handle all of the water. Together these pumps can pump 5000-7000 gallons per hour.

All Sump Pump Systems include an airtight lid, perfect to keep out debris and prevent water from evaporating back into the basement which increases humidity.

When It Comes To Basements: Allied Is All In

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