Your Pet and Compounding Pharmacy

Golden eyed, grey tabby cat hiding under a shaggy blanket on a beige couch with a geometric patterned pillow in the background.

By Phillip Rigsby, Pharmacist, Owner
Huntsville Compounding Pharmacy

The old saying goes: “A healthy pet is a happy pet.”  Unfortunately, whoever said this has never tried to get a cat to take a pill.  Pets are just as unique as their human owners.  They come in different shapes, sizes, and weights.  They allergies and sensitivities, likes and dislikes.  They are unique and often require individual medication preparations.

Most pet owners expect a high quality of medical care for their “extended” family members.  Veterinarians know that most pet owners are becoming more educated and their desire for compassionate and sophisticated care is very important.  Most of the time, most animals can be treated with commercially prepared preparations.  However, what happens when your 5 pound puppy needs a medication that is only available for a 100 pound dog?  What happens when your finicky kitty will only take mediations that are tuna flavored?  And how many products are available for the family hamster, bird, rabbit, horse, or even snake?

The practice and art of compounded prescriptions still continues to be a great option for many veterinary needs.  Compounding is the preparation of customized medications made specifically to solve a medication problem that cannot be addressed by commercially prepared medications. 

This could be necessary to get the “right dose”, the “right flavor”, or maybe the “right route”.  Compounding can help solve many problems faced by pet owners today.

The pet who refuses to take medications because of the taste are prime candidates for compounded preparations.  Cats do not like to take pills, but they love the taste of chicken or tuna.  Dogs may not like the bitter taste of tablets when they chew them, but a bacon flavor product may be just the ticket. 

The family bird cannot take large volumes of medications; however love the taste of a concentrated fruit-flavored preparation. 

By working closely with your veterinarian, the compounding pharmacist at Huntsville Compounding Pharmacy can prepare an easy-to-give flavored dosage form that your furry or feathered family member will devour.

Sometimes, giving medication by the oral route is just not an option.  Some pet preparations can be given transversally (through the skin).  This is a great dosage form for our feline friends.  Some pets require medications to be administered rectally via a suppository.  This is a great option for pets with seizures.

Customized compounded preparations can be a great choice when trying to increase your pet’s health.  Compounding can also save you from scratches, stress and an unhappy pet.  If you have questions regarding your pet’s needs, talk to your veterinarian or call a compounding pharmacist at Huntsville Compounding Pharmacy.

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