Cold Weather is Approaching, and J and J Pest Control Can Help

By Jason and Jennie Keith
Owners, J and J Pest Control

With the cooler weather we have had recently, it is a good time to be sure you have your home protected from pests. Cold weather certainly brings forth mice and rats looking for a warm place to stay. However, in the south we still deal with all sorts of crawling insects throughout the winter. This is a great time to schedule a free inspection to see how J and J Pest Control can help.

One of the most important things to realize when it comes to protecting your home is understanding the difference between pest control and termite control. We always like to inform our customers that pests are the nuisances that we see: such as spiders, ants, roaches, and other crawling insects.

However, termites are seldom ever seen until they have already caused damage. Termites live underground most of the time. When they come into your home, they build shelter tubes to control humidity to survive. These tubes are usually not seen unless you are trained to know what to look for. Termites eat 24/7. They do not sleep. We can set up a time for a free inspection and explain the importance of why all homes should be protected by a termite bond.

Termites must have a high moisture content to survive. During our termite inspection we check the moisture level in crawl spaces. We can fix these issues by providing vapor barriers or even full encapsulations with a dehumidifier. We also install sump pumps if they are needed. Whatever moisture issues that might exist, J and J Pest Control can help.

We provide pest control with a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or even a one-time service. We will treat the exterior as well as the interior, take down the webs on the exterior and bait for mice and rats. With any of our services, we will return between visits and take care of any issues without any additional costs.

We are a small company that takes pride in providing great customer service. We have a friendly, professional staff that will treat you in a very professional way. Whether it’s when you call our office or when we arrive at your home.

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