Regenesis Stem Cell Center

By Dr. Charles Lee
Regenesis Stem Cell Center

Regenesis Stem Cell Center cares for our veterans the other 364 days a year. Dr Lee and Dr. Wardynski salute our veterans.

I am Dr. Charles Lee, and I opened Regenesis in 2014 after seven years of education and training to bring the most advanced stem cell and regenerative medicine therapies to Alabama and the Southeast Region at large. Over the last seven years, I’ve seen first-hand the service related physical and mental injuries our veterans suffer and apply my skills to improve their quality of life.

Regenesis helps with injuries and the arthritis they produce. Regenerative biologic therapies for bodily injuries include the patient’s own bone marrow stem cells, blood derived platelet rich plasma, ozone and prolotherapy injections. These procedures are precisely aimed at helping injured bodies heal. I participate in the nonprofit, Veterans in Pain, helping veterans who remain in service related pain despite exhausting all traditional treatment options.

Regenesis helps with PTSD/TBI. I offer help with PTSD/TBI which includes ultrasound guided Stellate Ganglion Blocks (SGB), hormone balancing and NAD+ infusions. We have an extensive protocol. In 2015, I participated in a free veteran’s testosterone study that demonstrated immense benefit from hormone replacement in both PTSD and TBI.

Regenesis is the Regional Stem Cell Center of excellence. What sets Regenesis 6,000 square foot facility apart is our full out-patient procedure room equipped for any emergency, oral and IV sedation availability, a full flexible laboratory platform to produce custom biologics, ambient UV sterilizers, our automated stem cell analyzer and counter, hemocytometer, precision diagnostics, precision image guided injections employing ultrasound and fluoroscopy, our patient registry producing outcomes data, and follow-up protocol for visits at 1, 3, and 6 months.

What sets Regenesis physicians and staff apart is training and experience. We have collected seven years of experience data in our patient registry to better serve our patients. I have advanced training certifications in complex injections of all body parts and am Board Certified in Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Therapies. I am credentialed by the state board of medical examiners to perform stem cell harvesting, isolation and orthopedic injections. Training is what I do. My time off is generally for teaching, lecturing or training. The Lord has given me the passion, mission, ministry and I’m all in. Our staff is well trained, understanding, attentive, and compassionate. We set the standard.

Regenesis offers personalized care by Dr. Charles Lee. I am passionate about regenerative medicine and vested in your success. I perform your history and physical exam, imaging and review. We will have a in depth conversation regarding how stem cells work, your options, goals, expectations and candidacy, then I may offer a procedure plan based on your prospects for success. If you desire to proceed, I will introduce you to Colonel Wardynski, the CEO of Regenesis, and he will speak with you regarding our cost-conscious pricing and apply a veteran’s discount to your plan. I am with you throughout the process from beginning to discharge. Your success is mine, Regenesis’s and regenerative medicines as an emerging field.

We look forward to serving you. Look us up at or buzz us at (256) 715-8193.

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