Meet Krystina Berens Aesthetics Coordinator Women 4 Women OBGYN

By Tom Reidy, PhD. Women 4 Women OBGYN

Krystina Berens is the Aesthetics Coordinator for Women4Women OBGYN.  After graduating from the University of Alabama in 2020, she joined the practice and has helped build one of the most dynamic wellness and aesthetics clinics in northern Alabama.

Krystina is a Huntsville High School graduate with deep roots in the area. When not helping women look and feel better, Krystina spends time as a pure barre instructor, going on very long walks, golfing, and hanging out with family and friends. 

We asked Krystina to share her experiences with us and educate our readers on Women4Women Aesthetics.  

What do you enjoy about aesthetics?

I love the aesthetics field!  It is fast-paced, consistently evolving, and full of unique opportunities. The most treasured aspect of my job, however, are all the patients I have the opportunity to serve. I understand that their day to day lives are constantly spent rushing: busy with careers, family, and friends, and that they often forget to slow down and focus on what makes them happy. I get to slow them down for a bit and help them be present in the moment and relaxed. So much of our confidence lies externally: when we feel like we look good, we feel good. And with this new-found confidence we allow our internal beauty to radiate!

What makes W4W’s aesthetics clinic unique?

Stepping inside of our beautiful space is like visiting your favorite local store: You are greeted by a bright, smiling face ready to assist you with whatever product or service you may be interested in.  Unlike your typical medical spa, Women4Women has six medical providers on-site to support its aesthetics program. 

What types of services do you provide?

We provide non-invasive facial and body contouring procedures, such as TempSure, FlexSure, and CoolSculpting, as well as Botox and other injectables.  For peri-menopausal women, breast cancer survivors who cannot do hormonal treatments, or for those suffering with lichen sclerosis, we have successfully improved their symptoms by using our minimally invasive laser, MonaLisa Touch.

How does a typical treatment work?

The first step is to call our office at 256-759-9269 and ask for Krystina.  Then we can schedule you to come in and see if the service is right for you.  In many cases, we will be able to go ahead and begin treatment that same day.  Most importantly, we go over your goals and tailor an individual program that makes sense and fits your budget. 

Do you have to be a patient of W4W OBGYN to get aesthetic services?

Not at all! We welcome everyone in our clinic for Aesthetic services. Even men come to us for Botox treatments and Coolsculpting!

How does CoolSculpting work?

The first thing to know is that there are two components of fat within the human body: subcutaneous and visceral. Subcutaneous fat lies just beneath the surface of the skin.  Visceral fat lives deeper beneath muscle and bone. CoolSculpting is FDA-cleared safe and effective for removal of subcutaneous fat cells through controlled cooling. Our machines freeze the fat cells causing them to die and process out of the body through the lymphatic system. The process of fat removal takes just 90 days in most cases. Coolsculpting will not remove visceral fat.

A free consultation at our clinic will determine whether your problem area can be improved by Coolsculpting.

How does Tempsure work?

Whereas CoolSculpting destroys fat cells, Tempsure tightens skin. As people age, they begin to lose some of the collagen and elastin in their skin.   Because of this we experience skin laxity, fine lines, or wrinkles. Sound familiar? 

TempSure is a radiofrequency device that bypasses the skin to provide soft tissue coagulation. Basically, the RF signal causes collagen and elastin fibers to break down so that over time, skin cells will restructure and become more tightly organized. As a result of this, there is a decrease in fine lines and wrinkles and an increase in the overall integrity of the skin, giving you a smoother, tighter, younger look!

What products are available here and at the store?

We currently offer SkinMedica and Uberlube online and at the clinic.  We offer Lattisse at the clinic.  Visit our website to place your order!

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