Resolve & Update Your Technology Issues Today!

Matthew Underwood, Owner of A2Z Tech Fix LLC

By Mathew Underwood

A2Z Tech Fix LLC

The last 24 months have revolutionized our use of technology platforms due to the necessity to keep in contact with the outside world.  Multiple technologies have been accelerated in their development to provide the necessary services that are now needed at home and the business environment.  This has left many people lost in confusion as they struggle to keep up and learn everything being thrown at them and told that it is now required to know and use.  The ability to learn from each other has been limited due to COVID-19 restrictions implemented by companies and local government.  Thankfully A2Z Tech Fix has been able to help our community navigate these changes and restrictions and still provide safe support and repair solutions.

Technology is always evolving and the complexity continues.  This should not scare or discourage us though because there are plenty of resources to help us find an answer when questions arise.  There are many times issues can be resolved by a simple phone call.  These issues normally revolve around errors given by software on your device.  When it is not possible to resolve the issue over the phone we will let the customer know and decide if remote support or on-site support is required.

Great! So what kinds of issues require on-site support?  This list is long but I will highlight a few of them to you.  The most common issue that requires a technician to come on-site is for hardware diagnostics to detect any failure and discuss replacement options.  Other important services that require a technician on-site is to provide new device setup & data transfer, printer setup & troubleshooting, and setting up wireless networks & devices.  Some businesses have security policies in place that require a technician to be on premise at the location that has issues to work on technology and we are able to abide by these requirements.

Now let’s talk about our most popular option that provides minimal contact to our customers and is the most convenient for them.   Remote tech support service for our customers is great for software issues, resolving driver issues (as long as the internet works), running tools to fix corrupt files, and much more.  There are many times that a virus or spyware removal can be run by this method.  PC Cleanup and ensuring the computer has the latest windows and security updates are a great option for remote tech support. 

Every customer’s tech issues are different.  A one size fits all is never ever the answer.  We may be able to use a single method or a combination of services to resolve your issue(s).  It is always our priority to correctly fix the problem for our customers in a timely manner.

Call A2Z Tech Fix today (256) 640-9303 to make sure your technology is working properly!

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