Assisted Living Locators

By Kim Krause
Assisted Living Locators

My name is Kim Krause with Assisted Living Locators in Huntsville. Assisted Living Locators has been in business for nearly two decades and has offices nationwide. We can assist or accommodate a move to anywhere in the United States and Canada. Assisted Living Locators find seniors and their family’s options for assistance at a price they can afford as well as supportive services.  My services are at no cost or obligation to my clients.

One of the most common questions I am asked is how you know when it is time to get your senior family member assistance. Here are some indicators that can help you decide when the time has come:

A recent diagnosis. Has your senior been newly diagnosed with a medical condition or injury that could affect their ability to function on a daily basis? Is their medical condition deteriorating their ability to take care of themselves?

New scratches and/or dents on their automobile. Vision, hearing and reflexes deteriorate causing driving to become dangerous. Are they able to safely operate a vehicle?

Recent changes in weight. Eating healthy meals is an activity of daily living that often suffers as seniors’ age. Are they able to shop and cook for themselves? Is the food in the refrigerator old/expired?

Bathing, dressing and general hygiene suffers. Is laundry being done on a regular basis? Are the clothes they put on appropriate for the weather and plans for the day?

Behavioral changes. Are they showing signs of isolation, memory lapses, anxiety, or depression? Many factors can contribute to these changes and are often unnoticed by people closest to them.

Daily tasks. Are the normal daily tasks being done easily or has it become a struggle? Daily tasks should be considered as shopping, preparing meals, bathing, and house cleaning.

Medication management. Are they able to keep track of their medication’s frequency, changes, and refills?

Financial management. Are they able to pay their bills on time? Are you seeing delinquent notices or overdraft fees? Are they making inappropriate payments?

Mail.  Are they going through the mail timely?

Safety. Do they remember to turn off the stove and keep the doors and windows locked?

White woman between the ages of 40 and 55, wearing a bright colored raw tweed zip-up jacket over a bright cyan blue t-shirt. She has dyed dark auburn hair, and glasses with bright true blue rims. She is smiling and looks friendly, caring, and warm-hearted.

If your senior family member needs assistance, there are many options available for them. Please give me a call and I would be happy to help you with the options available.  I can be reached at (256) 542-0223 or by email at

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