The Moonwalk Pen

By John Hubbard

John Hubbard, a long-time Huntsville resident, has combined his love of all things space-related and fountain pens to design the Moonwalk Pen, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo lunar missions. John recruited a team of area young folks with the right combination of skills to bring his design to reality. Over two years’ work was necessary before the final product was ready.

Caleb Counter, a student (now graduate) in Calhoun Community College’s Advanced Technology Center, created the computer model of the basic pen; then Kara Netterville and Keely Counter used digital sculpting tools to add a “lunar surface” texture, craters, and the famous Apollo footprint.

With the digital model complete, John turned to Clay Williams, of Mastermind Models & Miniatures, in Lowe Mill, for 3D printing with his high resolution Formlabs printer. Clay also used the subtle colors of the moon’s surface to create the delicate hand-painted finish. Each Moonwalk Pen is printed and hand painted by Clay and his staff.

Finally, John adds a fine German JoWo nib. The fountain pen is available in a hand-signed Artist’s Proof edition of 12 pens, one for each astronaut who walked on the moon, and in a Limited Edition of 50, one for each year since Apollo 11 landed. A rollerball version will be available soon.

For more information, contact John by email, phone, or visiting the web site.
Phone: 256-417-7266

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