Breaking Up with A Home is Hard

Susan Chipman

By Susan Chipman
Realtor Legacy Agent, HREP, Huntsville Real Estate Professional

Love comes in many forms and one connection is the connection we create in that special place called home. This special place could be where you began your marriage with the one you love. Maybe it is where you nestled your baby when you brought them home from the hospital. And for many it is where you laid your most loved, family pet to rest.

Owning a home is like being in a long-term relationship. Maybe, you had many football games and friends over every weekend in the fall; or every family Christmas dinner at your home. Maybe your house was where all the neighborhood kids met to play. It also could have been where you were served your best meals ever or you found the most peace after work. The National Area of Realtors say 10-20 years is the average amount of time, we stay in a home. And then there are those who stayed their whole lives. Long enough to make some great memories!

So, when you decide to look at houses for sale and they are at least 10 plus years old . . . remember, there is a good chance the sellers are leaving behind some life memories that they will carry with them in their hearts; memories that cannot be replaced. For these sellers, their home is not just a wall, roof, HVAC’s or fence they are selling. They are selling a place with the hope that it will bring you as much peace, joy and love that it has for them. So, you can see why breaking up with a Home is hard!

If you’re in the market to buy or sell please contact Susan at Huntsville Real Estate Professionals 7900 Bailey Cove Rd, email her at or call her at 256-682-2746 Susan is in the Service Profession and works closely with her buyers.

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