Serving Our City

Jennie Robinson, Huntsville City Council Representative District 3

By Jennie Robinson
District 3 Representative and
Huntsville City Council President

Former Councilwoman Sandra Moon was fond of saying, “Service is the rent you pay for your time on earth.” If you’ve ever felt like you wanted to pay your civic rent but weren’t sure how to do it, you might want to take a look at serving on one of the City’s nearly 60 boards and commissions.

Chances are there is a board or commission that will suit your interest.

You may know there is a city appointed board for Huntsville Hospital and for Huntsville Utilities. But did you know there is a Huntsville Tree Commission, an Air Pollution Control Board, and a Bingo Review Committee? The Public Library, Tennis Center, Von Braun Center, and Ice Complex all have boards appointed by the City Council. Take a look at this listing to see if there is a board or commission that might be of interest to you.

Our boards and commissions may cover different areas of interest, but they all have one thing in common—they are composed of citizens who desire to make our city a better place. In some cases, the boards establish rules and regulations and manage budgets. In other cases, they provide public input on policy and programming.

Boards and commissions are set up differently by state statute or city ordinance so the number of seats and terms of service as well as requirements for service may differ. Members of some boards are appointed only by the City Council. Others may be appointed by the Mayor. And some boards have members appointed by the city, the county, and the mayor. Members appointed by council go through a nomination process and are voted on at a City Council meeting. They must receive a majority vote of the Council to be appointed. Information about the number seats, terms, vacancies, and who makes the appointment can be found on the City website.

Serving on a City board or commission is serious business. Board members are helping shape policy and have a fiduciary responsibility for taxpayer dollars. If you are serious about wanting to serve our City in a unique way, you can review the board and commission descriptions, purposes, individual membership requirements and vacancies and send a cover letter and resume to

You can also learn more about serving on a City board here.

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