How to Score a 36 on Your ACT

By Greer Milam, SPARC LLC

Did the title of this article get your attention? It was supposed to. Keep reading.

In today’s internet driven marketplace, many of our purchases are based on the luring arrangement of website elements designed to take us one click closer to the checkout screen. An increasing number of test prep websites have given way to these searching and shopping trends: stock photos of shiny happy people, a “guaranteed” 4 or more-point improvement, a clever pun-shaped company name, scrolling 5-star reviews, or even a blog article titled “How to Score a 36 on Your ACT.”

Every website sounds great. They all sound promising. They are supposed to. So how do you navigate all these test prep options and just how important is making the right choice?

Here are two guiding principles for ACT test prep to help you think before you click:

  1. The typical high school student initially has two ACT test dates of energy that he or she will give toward test preparation. Once this energy is spent, all subsequent ACT attempts will be based on that early experience, either a path of confidence or a pattern of discouragement.

  2. The first ACT course of instruction imprints on a student’s mind as tested and reliable advice. If this instruction proves otherwise, the student might only realize this after multiple ACT attempts, and that initial energy will have been spent in the wrong direction.

At SPARC Test Prep, we strongly encourage you to make an honest and thorough apples-to-apples comparison of test prep providers available in your area based on the measurements of experience, dedication, and results. A key factor in achieving your highest ACT, SAT or PSAT score is believing that you are in the right place with the right people to receive the best possible instruction. SPARC offers both group setting and private tutoring opportunities for each test date. Free assessments are available with packages priced to meet your needs.

Please visit our website at or give us a call at 256-724-0808.

SPARC Test Prep has been a leading provider of test preparation in the state of Alabama since 2002 offering a full range of tutoring and college admission services specializing in preparation for the ACT, SAT, PSAT and AP exams. We are exclusive to the Huntsville/Madison area of North Alabama.

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