Project Share: Neighbors Helping Neighbors

By COL (ret) John Olshefski
Senior Vice President
Customer Care Huntsville Utilities

A local grandmother on a fixed income needed to take in her three grandchildren. The additional financial strain of taking care of her grandchildren made it difficult to make ends meet. Thanks to your donations, Project Share was able to cover a portion of her utility bill, ensuring she had enough money to put food on the table for her and her grandchildren.

This story is just one of the many amazing outcomes thanks to Project Share donations. Project Share is a customer-driven assistance fund to help elderly, disabled, and handicapped customers pay their utility bills during the winter months. One hundred percent of the funds contributed go to assist those right here in Madison County. Not only does the fund assist with utility bills, but it also goes toward home improvements to create long-term energy savings through the Energy Improvements program started in September of 2017. These improvements make a home more energy efficient, which enables the homeowner to save on their utility bill for years to come.

Since the program began in 1988, 28,647 families have received assistance with their utility bills for a total of $4,698,877. The Salvation Army partnered with Huntsville Utilities to administer the program by reviewing applications, determining who qualifies, and distributing the funds. Also, since the Home Improvement Program began in 2017, $120,442 has been allocated for energy efficiency improvements. A homeowner’s eligibility for the energy improvements is income-based using the median income level(s) designated by Alabama’s Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and this year’s extra cold winter, this fund has never been more important. During this pressing time, Project Share is helping many throughout the Huntsville area, including South Huntsville. However, the need still exists, and your donation could help one of your neighbors through one of the toughest seasons we have faced as a community.

Contributing to Project Share is as easy as a click of a button or a quick phone call. One time and monthly donations can be made by calling (256) 535-1200, when you pay your utility bill online through My Account, or by signing up at We expect this need to persist, so recurring, monthly donations to keep the fund afloat are especially crucial now. Please consider helping one of your neighbors by giving recurring, monthly donations (or a one-time donation) to Project Share.

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