How Can I Lower My Energy Bill

By Zachary Maresh
CEO, Retcon Energy, LLC

You may wonder what you can do to lower your energy bill for your home or business. Perhaps you are paying $300-$400 each month on electricity, natural gas, or both and you aren’t sure where to start on lowering that amount. The first thing to do is to figure out how much you are paying now by tracking your energy bills each month.

The times you pay the most, the least, and overall trends show you the areas that need the most attention.

Are you paying a lot in the summer when it’s hot?
• That points to an energy-hog air conditioner that may need maintenance or replacement.

Are you paying a lot in the winter when it’s cold?
• Look at sealing your doors, windows, and increasing attic insulation levels to keep that heat inside of your building.

If your energy bill is high when it’s not cold or hot, then you may need to replace older refrigerators, freezers, ovens, lighting, and older television units.

When it comes to lowering your energy bill, the smallest steps are often the most important. Focus on what you can do right now to get going, starting with the easiest things to do:

1.) Replacing your lights with LED bulbs is inexpensive, quick, and easy.

You will soon notice a reduction in your electricity bill just from upgrading your lighting. LED bulbs today look similar to incandescent bulbs and last 15-20 years.

2.) The next thing to do is maintenance on your air conditioning and heating units, starting with changing your air filter every three months. A clogged air filter makes your units work harder, increasing energy costs. Also, getting an air filter with a lower filtration level means more air flow, less run time, and lower energy costs.

3.) After that, things like de-scaling your hot water heater, getting your air conditioner heat pump fins and drain lines cleaned, and checking the coolant level in your air conditioner are important.

4.) Finally, adding solar can lower your electric costs and give you a large tax credit.

You may not have the time to do these things. Retcon Energy, LLC is here to help, from energy bill analysis, to maintenance plans, solar, and energy audits of your home or business.

Call us at (256) 656-7654, email us at, or message us on social media @retconenergy to get started.

We look forward to serving you!

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