What’s Under My House & Why Do I Need To Know?

Inspector wearing appropriate safety and work gear uses a flashlight to examine brickwork in a residential crawlspace

When was the last time you went under your house to check the crawl space. The answer for most homeowners is usually rarely or never. But, if you have crawled under your house, it’s possible you could find humidity, pests, mold and sagging floor joists.

What is a crawlspace and what is its function?

A crawl space is an unfinished space between the ground and the house. It’s designed to provide a buffer between the house and its inhabitants and the damp, wet earth below the house. The crawl space functions also include providing access to repair plumbing, electrical wiring and ductwork for your HVAC.

Today though, we understand that the crawl space can actually collect water and serve as a repository for humid air. This humid environment introduces a number of hazards; including mold and mildew growth, musty odors and moist sills and framing that can lead to both structural damage and pest infestations. Sometimes, even the home itself can smell musty; that’s usually an indication of a crawl space problem.

What Does Allied Foundations Crawl Space Solutions DO?

Allied Foundation Crawlspace Solutions utilizes proven basement waterproofing solutions that are GUARANTEED to create a dry, healthy below grade space that PERMANENTLY protects your home from water infiltration

We are a local, family owned contractor and we are happy to offer FREE service estimates and we have been providing solutions since 2011.

We are members of the these Professional Organizations:

Basement Systems®

Basement Systems® is an international network of independently owned and operated basement waterproofing contractors who offer patented solutions that are guaranteed to create a dry, healthy below-grade space. As a member of the Basement Systems® network, Allied Foundation & Crawl Space Solutions shares industry practices, experiences, and product knowledge with some of the best minds in the business.


The CleanSpace® network is made up of independently owned and operated crawl space repair contractors who work together, sharing industry experience, knowledge, and best practices. Their full-time team of Research and Development staff keeps the network on the cutting edge, assuring our dealers provide the most innovative and secure solutions on the market.

“When It Comes To Basements: Allied Is All In”

Allied Foundation & Crawl Space Solutions

31 Valley Park Drive
Decatur, AL 35601


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