Rocket City Movers of Huntsville-Moving Your Belongings in a Blast

Moving day, cardboard carton boxes stacked with household belongings in modern living room, packed containers on floor in new home.

By Kendall Harrison- Owner Rocket City Movers of Huntsville LLC

During high school and college, I had dreams of owning a business. I started working with my mother’s janitorial company throughout high school and college. She trained me by showing me the in’s and out of a business and always stressed the importance of “it’s all in the details.”

I saw how she went from cleaning small offices alone, to growing with a fully staffed company and cleaning several multimillion dollar corporations. 

After 5 years of being employed with two prestigious moving companies, I decided to become an entrepreneur of my very own moving company; Rocket City Movers of Huntsville LLC.However, following graduation, I landed a job working as a logistics engineer for Corporate America, and then the pandemic took place. 

During that time I took time to rethink some things and move forward with my plan to start my moving company. I experienced two different business perspectives while being employed under those two moving companies in previous years. One was a franchise company and other is family owned and operated. 

I worked on both ends of the spectrum while working these jobs in college. 

In addition, I quickly noticed there is a demand in the area and a demand that will always generate lucrative income.

Rocket City Movers of Huntsville is a licensed, bonded and insured moving company that provides residential, special and commercial relocation services. Your business, employees and belongings are protected.

Our goal in every move is to create a stress-free positive moving experience that exceeds our customers’ expectations

For your entire move in and move out needs we have partnered with Candy’s Corporate Cleaning Company. Candy’s Corporate Cleaning Company is a family owned professional cleaning service committed to giving their customers quality service every time.

We provide services internationally and locally. My next goal is to purchase three moving trucks and to have a multi-million dollar business within the next two years. Last but not least, my forever goal is to bridge the wealth gap amongst the community in America.

Rocket City Movers of Huntsville LLC-Moving Your Belongings in a Blast

Contact us at or 256-337-6888. Find us on Facebook.

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