How We Help Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

MRI images from a traumatic brain injury
By Beau Armistead, M.A., NCC, LPC
Clinical Director Reboot Wellness, LLC
and Landon Jones, MSW, ICP

The CDC reports that roughly 1.7 million Americans suffer from mild traumatic brain injury (or mTBI) annually. Commonly known as a “concussion,” mTBI is the result of an external force that causes a change in brain function. For combat veterans, this often means the concussive force of blast exposure from IEDs, mortar rounds, rocket-propelled grenades, or land mines.

For civilians, this can be the result of sports injuries, accidents, acts of violence, work-related injuries, or just falling off a big wheel at three years old.

 Those who have suffered from a concussion or mTBI often experience lingering effects such as headache, insomnia, sensitivity to light and sound, memory loss, difficulty concentrating, and increased feelings of agitation or anger. These challenges make daily life difficult for the one who has suffered the mTBI as well as for their friends and family.

IASIS MCN (Micro Current Neurofeedback), which Reboot Wellness has brought to the Huntsville area, offers much hope for those suffering from mTBI. In a recent study at UC San Diego, a team of researchers found a 52.8% reduction in symptoms of concussion after only 12 sessions of IASIS Micro Current Neurofeedback. These remarkable findings are consistent with the results seen in Reboot Wellness clients, who are living with mTBI or mild to moderate traumatic brain injury.

 Building on the foundation of traditional neurofeedback therapy, IASIS MCN has pioneered the use of low-intensity energy pulses that are imperceptible to the person receiving the neurofeedback. The tiny, pulsating current disrupts “stuck” patterns within the brain, allowing the brain to respond by reorganizing itself and creating new neural pathways. By gently restoring the brain to a more optimal function, IASIS MCN allows the recipient to experience a reduction in many of the negative side effects caused by mTBI and a return to the quality of life they once knew.

 IASIS MCN is regulated by the FDA and has been proven to be a non-invasive and safe therapy for all ages. Over 85% of people receiving IASIS MCN report a positive response within the first three sessions, with some experiencing benefits as soon as the first session. IASIS MCN produces no long-term negative side effects and only occasional, short term (24 hour) mild side effects.

Visit to schedule a free consultation and determine whether IASIS MCN is right for you.

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