Mirage Retractable Screen Systems

By Vincent LonesOwner Elite Door Service
Exclusive Dealer of Mirage Retractable Screen Systems

How often have you said.” I would love to sit outside more but the bugs and the sun drive me crazy.” or “I want to open my front door and let fresh air in but I can’t because of bugs etc…” It happens pretty often. Fortunately the makers of Mirage Retractable Screen Systems have the answer.

These screens are designed to stay out of your way. The Mirage Retractable Screen only goes across your door opening when you want to use it. The beauty of this is that it doesn’t take anything away from the appearance and beauty of your entry door.

If you are sitting on your deck you can create a four season room or just enclose the patio so you can dine outside or visit with friends to stay out of the sun or worrying about bugs. All of the screen doors are retractable so they only show when you want them to show.

The Mirage Retractable Screens have many features that make a difference from other retractable screen doors.

  • The Teflon infused pull bar guides that pull the screen will reduce friction and help the tracks last longer.
  • Mirage has a patented brass bushing that allows the roller to glide easily and is factory balanced designed for long life.

Mirage also has another product for large spaces; the H4800 retractable screen system

The H4800 screen spans openings up to 22 feet in width and 16 feet in height and can transform any covered space into an outdoor extension of your home.

These large retractable screens will change the way you use your recreational space or garage by adding comfort while keeping insects and pests out.

Utilize the Horizon 4800 screen to reduce the cost of heating and cooling your home by shading your patio and interior rooms with advanced solar screens.

  • Quiet & smooth operation
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Wide variety of mesh options and colors
  • Accessories that will help customize your screen system beyond the ordinary
  •  They have a larger selection of fabric ranging from insect mesh to vinyl and UV Block Fabric.
  • All Horizon 4800 screens are equipped with object detection.
  • The screen mesh is raised and lowered with an industry leading Somfy motor, controlled by a handheld remote, cell phone app or wall mounted switch. Sun and wind sensors are also available that will activate your screen as desired.

Commercial Use

Enclose your outdoor patio and create a more versatile seating area to increase your capacity during the shoulder seasons. Reduce glare for your customers by using the Horizon 4800 as a sunshade on windows that rolls out of sight when not needed.

For more information about Mirage Retractable Screens please call the EXCLUSIVE DEALER


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