“That Ugly BUDGET word”

Modern kitchen and dining area with hard wood and slate flooring

By Brent and Sue Bailey
Owners DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen of Huntsville

Spring brings about warm weather, outdoor sports and spring cleaning. After staying Safer at Home for almost a year now, most people are ready for a new start, including their kitchens and baths. Spring is the perfect time of year to begin thinking about that remodeling project and DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Huntsville is ready to help you with that project.  HGTV makes remodeling look like it is an easy process that is both quick and inexpensive.

In reality, remodeling can be a very stressful process due to many common mistakes. A few of the most common remodeling mistakes include:

  • Not knowing your budget
  • Not comparing apples to apples
  • Choosing the lowest price
  • Not knowing exactly what you are buying
  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Warranty and service

Let’s focus on just knowing the budget for now.

For many people, budgets can be the most awkward thing to talk about in the remodeling process. It is best to know the realities of cost as soon as possible so to then set a budget range, define parameters and work to design to them. It is important to get to the budget conversation fairly quickly so to create a design that best fits within this budget. DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen takes the time to educate you on what can be done in a given budget range. For example, we have two clients with kitchens under contract that are three doors apart with the exact same floor plan. The final design for one is approximately 1 ½ more expensive than the price of the other. Both kitchens are beautiful designs however one client just has more elaborate tastes that require some structural modifications where the other does not. Based on our initial consultation with each client, DreamMaker helped set a budget based on their needs and dreams.

Don’t fly blind too far in the process only to find that your dream bath or kitchen is unrealistic financially. Also, when dealing with any remodeler, make sure you know up front how much they are handling and how much may be left on your plate. At DreamMaker, we shoulder the load from design, procurement, demo, installation and scheduling sub-contractors.

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Huntsville invites you to give us a call at 256-270-2211 to set up a consultation either at our Design Studio at 2340 Pansy Street in Huntsville or a Zoom consultation. This consultation gives you a chance to mee the DreamMaker team and see how to make your remodeling project a reality.

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